LNP gives member one year ban for criticising Turnbull's leadership on Facebook
$600 BN in debt and Turnbull wants an Australian Space Agency. Yes - like NASA.

Turnbull "honoured" to "meet" Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia. #allaboutmalcolm

Turnbull has a bloody hide!

He's posted this self-serving record of the "honour" he says he received today.

As he describes it, the honour of "meeting" Her Majesty, "a" remarkable leader of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

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Turnbull you trumped up jerk, whether you like it or not, Her Majesty is your Head of State.  You lead Her Government.  

Her Majesty, Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia.  In protocol and real constitutional terms, she outranks you.  Even if you call yourself a Capital R Republican.


Her Majesty gives certain powers to our Governor General by these her Letters Patent.

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Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 6.34.05 am

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 6.34.05 am

As Prime Minister of Her Majesty's Government in Australia mate you were received by your Sovereign and our Head of State.

You weren't "honoured to meet her".  You were there to report to Her Majesty and to hear of any concerns or compliments her Majesty might wish to see passed on to her people.

And you post a photo of the great honour bestowed upon you by "a" remarkable leader of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Not one word from you about Her Majesty's comments about our country.  Not one word about Her Majesty's thoughtfulness in wearing the Wattle Brooch.  Nope.

Par for the course really from you Malcolm.

It's always, always, all about you.

15 APRIL 2012

The Queen's Top 10 Diamonds: #8. The Australian Wattle Brooch

Fresh off the success of 1953’s coronation, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh embarked on an ambitious world tour to introduce the Commonwealth to its new queen. When she made it to Australia in 1954, she became the first reigning sovereign ever to visit. Australia welcomed its new queen with open arms…open arms and jewels.
The Australian Wattle Brooch
The Australian Wattle Brooch takes a floral approach to flying the Australian flag. Yellow diamonds depict sprays of wattle, the national flower. The wattle gives the brooch its name, but there's more flowery goodness going on: diamonds with a slightly blue color signify mimosa leaves, forming a background for diamond tea tree blossoms (each with a single large white diamond in the center). 
Wearing the brooch during the 1954 tour, at the Flemington races
The wattle brooch was a state gift from the people and government of Australia. It was designed and crafted by Paul Schneller, a jeweler born in Budapest, and commissioned by William Drummond & Co. The gift was presented to the queen during a banquet in Canberra, and she wasted no time wearing it during the same tour. 
She’s worn it ever since, and not just when going about Australian business. Many of the brooches in the queen’s collection with special connections to a country or a group are brought out when the connection requires it, like we saw with the Maple Leaf Brooch. This one gets every day outings too.
Any jewel given from a country to its sovereign automatically holds a special significance. And for Her Majesty, brooch lover extraordinaire, a brooch gets an extra dose of importance. Among the Commonwealth brooches the queen has, this one made my list over all others for a few reasons: it’s enormous and loaded with diamonds, it was made specifically for her and is a special symbol of her personal relationship with Australia, and she actually seems to like it. Bonus points all around.