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Ludlam - a private citizen did what the Parliament, media and political parties failed to do for ten years

What I did on my trip to Europe. By Malcolm, Class 1E

I think I can help Malcolm out on his "What the G2o means for me" intro.  Not a lot Mal, except you giving away more money.


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Hi Voter,

I've recently returned from a very successful trip to Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. 

Here are three quick things we achieved that are important for you and your family, for the Australian economy and for our national security: 

1. We secured unanimous support for strong action on counter-terrorism and in particular on ensuring that the Internet cannot be used as a vehicle for spreading terrorist propaganda or planning criminal activity.

2. I opened the Australian Future Submarine Office in France. We are delivering 12 regionally superior submarines, to be built in Australia with Australian steel. Building our future submarines in Australia is good for our economy, great for jobs and critical for our national security.

3. I discussed export deals with Leaders of the European Union, the President of Indonesia and Prime Minister Theresa May. New trade agreements with the EU, Indonesia and the UK, once Britain has left the EU, will create more opportunities to export our goods and services – particularly from regional Australia – and create more jobs for Australians.
Watch a behind the scenes look at the visit to Germany, France and the UK.
PS. This morning I appeared on Sunrise to discuss energy prices. Catch up on a short clip here

Best wishes,

Malcolm Turnbull