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Bob Katter to meet with Tony Abbott when parliament returns

It would appear to be, as they say in the political genre, on.

Katter seeks meeting with Abbott

Updated: 7:50 pm, Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Crossbench MP Bob Katter says he will seek a meeting with Tony Abbott when parliament returns. 

Key crossbench MP Bob Katter has thrown a political hand grenade into the Liberal leadership, revealing he is seeking a one-on-one meeting with Tony Abbott when parliament returns.

In an interview with The Bolt Report, Mr Katter revealed he was open to holding talks with the former prime minister in Canberra.

It follows his declaration on Sky News last week that he would no longer guarantee supply and confidence to the Turnbull government in the event of a no confidence motion that could topple the government.

'Quite frankly out of the new government I'm getting nothing.. How can you possibly claim that you have a right to stay on as Prime Minister in this situation,' he said. 

'Last time I threw my weight behind Tony Abbott, I think he was far more acceptable to the 20 points that we need for survival.'

Mr Katter also hit out at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saying he has not right to stay the Liberal leader.

'I was promised meetings with him, well after five months I got one meeting and I said I'm not going to it unless I get an hour and he walked out after 25 minutes.

Even if he had listened to what I was saying I don't think he has the power or the ability to deliver.'

The Katter's Australian Party leader told Andrew Bolt he would discuss the conditions of his support when he meets with Mr Abbott next week.

'With the way things are going with the crumbling of the citizenship thing and all of those issues we most certainly intend to, as soon as we get back to parliament next week, I want a one-on-one and so I will be seeing him next week,' Mr Katter said.

'If I had to place a bet at the present moment I would place that bet on Abbott, I would be inclined to Tony I think he has the right inclinations but he has got to deliver.'