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You be the judge. Does Clover Moore's $11M Cloud Arch sculpture copy Dignity by Milhouse's dad?

You be the judge

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Thanks to Tim Andrews and some of his friends on Facebook who first pointed out the similarities between Clover Moore's Cloud Arch and Millhouse's dad's Dignity.

City of Sydney's Cloud Arch sculpture approved in fiery council meeting

The controversial Cloud Arch has cleared its first hurdle, after a majority of councillors at the City of Sydney voted to approve the sculpture at a fiery council meeting on Tuesday night.

The $11.3 million sculpture was approved six votes to four following more than an hour of heated debate over the project's substantial cost blowout by $8 million

A battle over the Cloud Arch had been brewing among the councillors since last week, when updated plans for the artwork were released, revealing the cost had increased from $3.5 million to $11.3 million.

Lord mayor Clover Moore attributed the cost increase to "serious and unforseen constraints" caused by the incompatibility of the initial Cloud Arch design with the light rail and transport infrastructure located beneath George Street.