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For The Rudd, it's not terrorists coming home, it's "Terrorist Affiliated Operative Flow-back"

Here's the worst of the week's media - from the ego of The Rudd.

The Rudd suited up, went to a studio in the USA and wasted everyone's time pretending he was clued up.

He's got ANFI about the topic but plenty of grasp on superficially impressive strings of big words. 

What you and I call terrorists coming home from the Middle East, The Rudd calls "Terrorist Affiliated Operative Flowback". 
The arrests in Sydney were part of the early 2000s "Global Terrorist Phenomenon".  
ISIS people who leave and go elsewhere are like Bubble Wrap (which pops when you press down on it) except that what he described was more like a water bed.
The Rudd is not briefed on specific circumstances - and wouldn’t expect to be - but that doesn't stop him.
So to end with a strong finale - or as The Rudd said "as a footnote" - The Rudd congratulated Australia's intelligence personnel on detecting the plot even though it was the UK's people who uncovered the terrorist's plans, not ours. 
Time to zip it Kevin.  Enjoy your dotage.

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