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Former ACTU chief Martin Ferguson to deliver speech tonight urging Turnbull's government to fight unions and reform IR

Judge Jeanine on the Clintons and their brazen crimes "we are no longer a country where the law is applied equally"

The central thrust of this editorial applies to Australia too.

ZeroHedge has a comprehensive report on the FOI dump - it puts Judge Jeanine's monologue into context.

Following a FOIA dump last week by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) which seemingly revealed collusion between the FBI, DOJ and several mainstream media outlets to coverup the now-infamous meeting between then Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton just days before the FBI exonerated Hillary, Judge Jeanine decided to ask a very simple question, one which we've pondered many times ourselves, in her opening monologue, "why do we continue to let them get away with it?"


"Why do we let them get away with it? They lie, cheat, violate the rules, then cover up.  And, they get away with it."


"We're no longer a country where the law is equally applied.  This no longer true to its Declaration of Independence."


"Less than 48 hours ago we learned just how far Democrats and the highest law enforcement agencies, allegedly non-partisan offices, would go to cover up for the Obama administration."


"Now, you remember that meeting on the tarmac between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, outed only because a local reporter happened to be there.  The FBI wouldn't allow photos, pictures or cell phones.  There were no reports made that the highest ranking law enforcement official in this country was approached by the spouse of a woman being actively investigated in the most important criminal investigation in the history of presidential politics."


"But we didn't know how deep and dirty the collusion was until 48 hours ago." 

Pirro went on to call for a grand jury investigation into everyone from Hillary Clinton to Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder.


"Folks, this was a coverup of an illegal meeting.  Collusion between Bill Clinton and the Attorney General after which the FBI interrogated Hillary and then exonerated her.  After which Hillary then brazenly proclaimed that, if she won, she would hire Loretta Lynch as Attorney General."


"Now, I have an idea.  It's time to take the country back.  Back to the original intent of our founders.  No one is above the law and no one is below it."


"Mueller has empaneled a grand jury in a district that despises our president.  Mueller is a friend of Comey, who has brought on Hillary and Obama lovers to take down the President.  He is completely conflicted."


"Loretta Lynch's case needs to be heard by a grand jury.  To review the collusion on that tarmac and the promise of a payoff to Lynch."


"Hillary Clinton's case needs to be brought to a grand jury immediately.  There is still time to prosecute her for putting our classified information on her private server that she then shared with her girlfriends, one of whom shared a computer with her dirtbag husband."


"All of the immunity agreements need to be nullified.  Most of the terms have already been violated."


"And Hillary must be prosecuted for perjury.  She and her State Department intentionally lied saying there were no Benghazi email and no classified emails as she deleted 33,000 emails on 'yoga' and 'her wedding dress.'"


"And she needs to be prosecuted for destroying and concealing subpoenaed property and the emails."


"Eric Holder, who perjured himself before Congress under oath, needs to be prosecuted too."


"I don't wanna hear 'Hillary's a good woman,' she's not!"


"While we play by the rules they lie, steal, cheat and continue to get away with it.  Because we let them."