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Notes from focus group and strategy discussion pro-gay marriage activists in Sydney

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One of our readers was sitting next to a group of gay marriage activists in an inner-Sydney cafe.

They were talking strategy and focus group outcomes and our reader made some notes:

Campaign needs to:
- inject more guilt
- "guilt will win this for us"
- push polling - when people say no, ask them to explain why.
- use Abbott's sister in campaign advertising. "Exploit Abbott family situation that it's ok for families to disagree"
- need a gay guy to explain death rights with partner - if we can't find one, "need like thinking actor to make believable".
- Lyle and ACL criticism is not cutting through for yes campaign. Need to make it about the churches.
- start using george pell quotes in social : out of touch etc.
- need to use more women with children in campaign material as "men are a turn off in the focus groups".
- activate our media partners to shift language back to equality debate.