'Darting in and out' with Peter Van Onselen and Julie Bishop
Isn't the science is settled?

The dangers for women in believing false feminist prophets like Marise Payne

Spoiler alert - this video records a reality-check for women who swallow the diversity, same as a man crap in jobs that require aggression and physicality.

The instructors at the Victoria Police Academy in my time made sure none of the women in our squad left training in any doubt about their imagined versus real fighting ability.  One bloke was called out onto the mats, then one-by-one four, five then all the women in our squad together tried to take him down.  They didn't get close.

It's dangerous to mislead people as Minister Payne etc misleads people.

Much more dangerous for women than the dangers of "misogyny" - as this awful and difficult to watch video will show you.

She said she'd take on any man on the base and win.  As good as any man.

Good luck with that.


Facebook appears to have taken exception to the renewed interest in the video - so here's Youtube!