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Internal email to then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about FM Kevin Rudd headed - "WARNING!"

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On 5 December 2011 NATO countries held a conference in Bonn Germany to discuss Afghanistan.   Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd didn't make the cut for front ranks of the class photo.

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But The Rudd was keen to make his mark.

So he gave a speech "intervening".

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Back home he felt he'd been snubbed by Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the previous weekend's Labor Party Conference when she'd mentioned all previous Labor Prime Ministers - except him.

He must have been narky about something.

Or maybe he was just The Rudd being The Rudd.

Whatever the reason, it's pretty rare to find an email like the one that Kevin Rudd generated that day.

Two great allies - the US and Australia.  And one foreign minister (Clinton) gets a note about the other (Rudd) headed "Warning" - he's stalking you!

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