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Tim Wilson MP wrote to me this morning after I criticised his colouring-in book. Here's my response.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.35.37 am(digital reconstruction from original elements in Tim's book)


Tim Wilson MP, Liberal MP for Goldstein wrote to me and some of our readers this morning.





Dear Tim,

Thanks for your note today. Now I'm more worried about you than ever.

Until now you could have argued the colouring-in books were already ordered.  

You might have said you couldn't have known the books would be such a divisive issue in the same sex marriage wars.  

You could've added that with the benefit of hindsight it's not the best of looks.

You'd still be stuck with trying to justify blatant political advertising to children - paid for by taxpayers.

But if you'd laid low and not further inflamed the issue the whole thing might have blown over and out.

But your note to me today comes in answer to mine in which I wrote:

It's bad enough the blatantly political advertising was made for kids.

Worse it was sent to schools.

But worse still is Wilson's effort to get between the way parents want their children raised and the way he sees the world.

Do what you want with whoever you want in your own time Tim.

But don't sell it to kids.

Don't use the Party's logo to legitimise your own decisions.


In answer, Tim says "give me your address and I'll send you a copy (of the books).  I think you'll find they are quite good".

Well Tim, they might be "quite good" as colouring-in books go.

You and Ryan might be beautifully depicted.

But my criticisms have gone unanswered - and your judgement has gone missing.

Adulation from people who'll never vote for you will leave an empty feeling at the next election.

Fond regards,



PS - well may we say the colouring-in books are quite good.   Quite good for whom is not so clear.