100 years since Battle of Passchendaele. Dawn service from Polygon Wood today. Lest We Forget.
UN Human Rights Council stunned silence as former Hamas member exposes Palestinian Authority lies


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seeker of truth

Obama could only commute Manning's sentence to time already served but he could not give Manning a pardon as he did commit treason as found in his court martial. Manning has now found treason has had two consequences since his early release; firstly, US Defence will not pay for his gender reassignment surgery, and secondly, Canada has refused his entry. Good.

No point in applying for a visa to Australia as he has failed the "good character" criteria by serving 12 months or more in jail for a criminal offence.

Here's Manning's statement presented at his court martial.


Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

With the support of green liberals, asshole David Hicks sued the government and was painted a hero by the leftist media, the mongrel bastard should of been left in GITMO to rot.

Tony Abbott's dumb daughter voted YES, it appears Tones and her 'educators' failed her big time! Is she gay like her auntie Tones??


Whoever made that politically incorrect decision had better start looking for a new job.


It is breathtaking to try to compare this little creep and his attempts at justification for his behaviour, with the previous article, where 10,000 Australian men were killed trying to stand up for what they believed in. I despair for the future of western civilization, when pathetic creatures like him are pandered to, given air time, considered worthy of our thoughts, and anyone daring to suggest he is basically an oxygen thief, is pilloried across the PC media. Makes me physically sick, to think our society has come to this. I am astonished that Canada, of all places given its recent history, has the temerity to make a stand against the character of this person.


Even hopelessly postmodern Canada has to get something right once in a while.


Do you even know anything about his story?

Bowing down to uniforms isn't the be-all and end-all of life you know.


Wonder if Aussies will have the common sense to do the same if this traitor came knocking at our door.


I'm sure that Canada's kid PM hasn't caught up with this yet.
After the $10M he gave to a terrorist released by the US from Gitmo, I reckon Manning could get around $5M from Trudeau for his anti-US services

seeker of truth

O/T I thought that September holds a significance for Ralph Blewitt. He has another court hearing on Friday 29 September. I would expect that this will be a Directions' hearing to find out if both sides are now ready to proceed to a hearing, and then a date will be set for the start of the trial. I hope Ralph's team is on top of all its documentary evidence and has a few surprises up its sleeve.

Michelle Two

I see why Pell is being persecuted by the darkforce he was helping Francis clean up the darkness within the church ..
The darkforces laundering money through the churches and the NGO links also they had access to the young the scandal associated with the Whitehouse comes to mind that was linked to the orphans and boys home.. Not to mention the goings on in Australia that Jack the Insider mentioned where the cops were protecting the pedo priests.. Some dirty secrets are being exposed in this area or will be..
In an interesting twist, long-time Vatican correspondent John Allen reported that the former auditor linked his ousting with the exit of Cardinal George Pell, who is on leave in Australia fighting charges of historic sexual abuse.

Pell, as the Vatican Prefect for the Economy, has led Francis’s clean-up of finances, closing 4000 Vatican Bank ­accounts of individuals and ­organisations not entitled to hold them and referring 200 account holders to authorities. Pell was engaged in a battle with Becciu, who suspended an external audit of Vatican finances by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which was trying to bring the transparency of Vatican finances up to international anti-money-laundering standards.

On the religious website Crux, Allen wrote: “Milone implied it may not have been a coincidence that the abuse charges against Pell, which reportedly date back decades, had surfaced only within the last couple of years, at the same time his reform efforts were becoming increasingly controversial inside the Vatican.


I can't say anything because I'll probably be accused of being a transophobe!
Remind me again, who paid for his operation?
Taxpayer gets hit again.
The world has gone crazy.

Michelle Two

G'day xx How are you? not overdoing it I hope I was really struggling this morning like I couldn't breathe so might be a sign to take time out of your busy schedule and catch your breathe so much on your plate and lots to catch up on, feel like my feet haven't touched the ground so much going on.. I did draw the card to go out in nature this morning so you may need to ground yourself and take a breather when you can come back on line.. I had the most awful dream of a man being bashed and left for dead he was an oldish gentlemen with white beard/hair and there was also a kid in the scene which I was trying to flee from and get in the club to safety so watch your back and listen to your intuition it may have to do with what you are working on also, it was located at the post office the event of the bashing which is opposite my work place but the post office might be in the message also..

I just drew the message from Archangel Michael today and it is to relax "You and Your Loved Ones Are Safe" .. so release any fear and call for protection from the angels to help with the protection of those you are worried about but relax everything is in order and there is nothing to fear go about your day and listen to your intuition as I am sure they are doing and they will have nothing come to them that they have not called in for any lesson of life.. So your loved ones are on the right path and you will meet up when it is the right time when everything is in place.. Enjoy your time back home but relax a bit and be at peace and do what you need to do in the knowledge that you are being protected by the light forces who always have your back but you do need to listen to your intuition and your gut instincts to stay safe.. If there is any sort of delay take it that the situation you are in is that these delays happen for a reason to help you to be in the right place at the right time so synchronicity in play with those you are to meet or not to meet if you miss something.. love and light xx

Have a great day.. Good luck to Ralph for his court appearance tomorrow, and to you in your pursuit of justice... I am going to Wagga with my daughter tomorrow so I won't be around for most the day.. which is okay because you are offline anyway .. still connected but not online..lol! .. love always xx

Michelle Two

Love Ed .. xx

seeker of truth

O/T We haven't been told the whole truth by the media as to what is happening in Rhakine State in Myanmar. Mass Hindu grave discovered.

"The Myanmar authorities have accused Muslim Rohingya militants of killing 28 Hindu villagers whose bodies were allegedly found in a mass grave.
The army says the bodies of 20 women and eight men and boys were found in two pits in northern Rakhine state....
..300 Arsa militants had rounded up about 100 villagers and killed most of them on 25 August, the same date as the start of the latest phase of the conflict, in claims attributed to an unnamed Yebawkya villager.
a BBC reporter has spoken to Hindus who fled from Rakhine to Bangladesh and said they were threatened and attacked by Arsa. They also said some Hindus had been killed and some houses burned by the militants.

Hindu villagers in the Yebawkya area told the AFP news agency that Rohingya militants attacked their communities on 25 August, killing many and taking others into the forest.

The Hindus have said they were attacked by Arsa because the militants suspected they were government spies...."


Peter V

You bet he'd be welcomed here! We accept all trash from the left.


And how about the treason that permits the large percentage of foreign ownership of Australian agricultural land?


And as for dual nationality members of Parliament? The Constitution is clear cut but we are going through this charade in the High Court to save a few parliamentary arses.

What about former members of Parliament who may have had dual nationality and slipped under the radar and are now collecting golden handshake pensions at taxpayer expense? Any investigation by authorities or is that the sound of crickets I hear?

Yet the Government will still keep on sending out harrassing robo-letters to welfare recipients in the hope of scraping back a few bucks here and there.

And as for the taxation system - theft by coercion. The same mechanism that forces you to pay rent on your house and car to the Government each year in the form of rates and car registration' Us plebs are not meant to acquire assets free and clear of encumbrance. Not when the Government is hovering like a vulture to pick the carcass clean.

And if you think you are going to get the superannuation or pensions in 10, 20, 30 years time that you currently anticipate, think again. The Government will shift the goal posts again like they did to my age cohort that when I entered the workforce in my teens assured me I would be eligible for a pension at 65 and later when Superannuation became the thing 30 odd years ago indicated I could access my preserved Super at 55. Now it is 67 and 57 respectively. And how could the Government resist looking at taxing Super more down the track when it suits them.

Like the banksters all contracts are one-sided which they can vary at any time at their discretion.

Get your Super when you can. If in debt get out of debt. Legally minimise your tax exposure. Carefully review your consumption and expenditure levels.

seeker of truth

It was reported on Friday that Ralph's legal team had sought and been granted another adjournment. It has been adjourned to 20 December. Ralph is yet to enter a plea.


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