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AWU statement after its offices were raided by Federal Police today


Australian Workers’ Union Statement

Comment from Daniel Walton, AWU National Secretary

This is an extraordinary abuse of police resources and taxpayer funds by a desperate government.

It is clear the ROC has been established not to promote good governance, but to use taxpayer and police resources to muckrake through historic documents in an attempt to find anything that might smear a future Labor prime minister.

This is a shameful new low for a government already scraping the bottom of the political barrel.




From the ABC


AFP carrying out raids at Australian Workers' Union headquarters in Sydney, Melbourne


The Australian Federal Police is currently raiding the Australian Workers' Union offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

The investigation relates to whether donations made to activist group GetUp were authorised under union rules.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has asked GetUp to abide by disclosure laws that would require it to outline what funding it receives and how it is spent.

Groups subjected to such obligations are known as "associated entities" which are defined as a group controlled by one or more political parties, or operating to a significant extent for the benefit of political parties.

In a letter obtained by the ABC, the AEC said there were grounds to suggest GetUp's activities last year could be seen as having benefited Labor and the Greens.

GetUp has denied the claims and insisted it is an independent movement.

More to come.