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2GB's Alan Jones editorial today on GILLARD, MURPHY and the AWU slush fund scandal

Bernard Murphy's hand written notes suggest he was told about the Workplace Reform Association when Gillard handed the matter to him

The Slater and Gordon file 956276 "Bruce Wilson Bank Accounts" which contains Bernard Murphy's hand written notes is 38 pages long.

Each page has a Slater and Gordon barcode and number.

The file is in reverse chronological order - ie the oldest entries are at the bottom.

Here is the first hand written note in the file - page 33 - made before Murphy's first discussion with Wilson and filed with AWU correspondence.  I suspect Murphy received this advice from Gillard.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.23.33 am

Page 32 Handwritten note p7

(missing line)

WA $300,000 from Thiess

  • an incorporated association

The $20,160 cheque from Thiess was made out to this association.

However, it could lead back into these other drama’s.

There would be a problem re “secret commissions” with this. Money spent on all sorts of things

The “AWU Workplace Reform Assoc” account closed in April ’95. It operated out of


Keep in mind that Gillard was responsible for this matter before handing it to Bernard Murphy (see Gillard exit interview at the end of this post).  One would expect to see some sort of handover.

On 19 July the CBA wrote to Wilson with the details of the deposits into the Members Welfare Account - including the cheque for $20,160 from Thiess made out to the Workplace Reform Association.

Gillard was providing Wilson with legal advice at that time (in matter 955795 - 481 matters prior to Murphy's file 956276).  She can't have missed the Workplace Reform Association reference.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 12.48.55 pm

Murphy states that Wilson told him about the Workplace Reform Association FOR THE FIRST TIME during a 9 August conference with the Barrister Mr Hinkley.


Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 12.53.54 pmWhy would Wilson wait until a formal conference with an outsider to bring up something like that?

I don't believe Mr Murphy.

Slater and Gordon was furiously backside-covering.

Look at the detail in Gillard's answers to Peter Gordon on the subject of the Members Welfare Association account.  Yet no mention of Workplace Reform.  It's as if Bruce just forgot to tell her about the reason for his resignation.



Murphy's own notes suggest he's not telling the truth about just when Wilson admitted to his crimes in the Workplace Reform Association.

Gillard speaks about a lot of detail on the Members Welfare Account - but as with the mortgage to Blewitt, she feigns ignorance of the Workplace Reform Association in the Record of Interview.

It beggars belief that Murphy and Gillard didn't discuss the WRA, Kerr Street and Slater and Gordon's involvement in the crimes.

Gillard was sacked over it.

She later told us "You can't report what you don't know".

Well now we do know.

She knew about Wilson's admissions to crime.   And she protected him.

If I was Ian Cambridge or Bob Kernohan I'd be furious - and I'd be making a report to police demanding charges.