In June 1995 Bruce Wilson paid GILLARD's builder Con Spyridis $2,180 with a personal cheque we publish today
In conference with lawyer

Direct evidence linking GILLARD to WILSON'S corruptly obtained money - cheques, account numbers, handwriting - it's all here

This is a forensic accountant's analysis of transactions on Bruce Wilson's private bank account - over and above salary and rental income.

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On 22 March, 1993 Slater and Gordon settled the purchase of a house for Bruce Wilson at 85 Kerr Street Fitzroy, funded in part by $90K+ from the GILLARD/WILSON slush fund.

On 24 March 1993 renovations commenced on Gillard's property at 36 St Philips St Abbotsford.  Here's one of her first quotes.

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The Trade Union Royal Commission found that Athol James's evidence that Wilson provided the money to pay for Gillard's renovations was wholly truthful.  

Gillard has been at pains to distance herself from the AWU-WRA's operations/funding/bank accounts.  While Athol recalls Bruce dealing in cash, apparently that idea hadn't come to Bruce and Julia until after their first transaction - which involved this cheque from Bruce to his lover.

Here now is the unequivocal evidence of Wilson funding Gillard.

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The financial relationship went way beyond the renovations.

Here are two cheques totalling almost $1,000 from Bruce to Myer in Melbourne.  

How can we know these purchases were for Gillard?  Her address is written on the back of the cheques.

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On 10 September 2014 Gillard gave sworn evidence to the Trade Union Royal Commission, denying she received money from Bruce Wilson for her renovations.

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There's plenty more evidence where that came from too.  It wasn't just Mr James funded by Bruce.

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And I haven't started reporting to you on the destination of many of the cash cheques - nor cheques written directly from Wilson's various slush funds rather than his personal account.

It's much better to confess you know Ms GILLARD.  Might save you a bit of time in the slammer.

Every touch leaves its trace.