NEW - Bill the Greek's bank statements from the time he was running Gillard's home renovations
Direct evidence linking GILLARD to WILSON'S corruptly obtained money - cheques, account numbers, handwriting - it's all here

In June 1995 Bruce Wilson paid GILLARD's builder Con Spyridis $2,180 with a personal cheque we publish today

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Here's Wilson's cheque - note the distinctive non-Wilson handwriting, the cheque was written out by Bill Telikostiglou.

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Here's the statement showing the cheque was presented on 5 June, 1995 and was met on presentation.

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Nine entries above cheque 181 for $2,180 in the statement is a 17 May 1995 deposit of $2,000.00.

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The deposit slip is in Wayne Hem's handwriting - and where'd the money come from?

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Now here's

  1. Telikostiglou's cheque for $2,000
  2. screen grab from his CBA statement showing where the $2K came from -  a $10K deposit 3 days earlier
  3. details of the $10,000 cheque which came from the phantom AWU employee Ms Debbie Lawn.

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Here's what GILLARD told Peter Gordon about paying Spyridis.

an account from Con was put in my letter box last week, so that's the first account that I've had from him. It is an account dated June directed towards me, yeah, I think that's right, directed towards me, dated June and it's got a letter on it, some of which is not decipherable but talks about finishing off the tiles. The account is for $3780. I've paid $2000 of it already and I'm making arrangements to get the $1780 together to pay the rest of it. 

Gillard also told the Royal Commission, the parliament, Martin Ferguson in her pre-selection interview, the Australian people and anyone else who'd listen that she'd paid for her own renovations.

Athol James said she did not - and the Trade Union Royal Commission believed him, not her.

Wayne Hem said she did not - he made a deposit of $5,000 into her account and he saw Telikostiglou pay builders on her behalf.

Ralph Blewitt says he paid $7,000 to builders to pay for some of Gillard's renovations.

And now the evidence from Bruce Wilson's cheque book - including our trace on the money right back to a dubious $10,000 cheque which apparently was comprised of funds that originated with the AWU itself (more on that soon).

When will the authorities act to bring GILLARD to heel?

Every touch leaves its trace.


PS - further to our post on Debbie Lawn and Bill Telikostiglou a couple of days ago.

Here's another AWU payroll deposit sheet - note the Telikostiglou/Debbie Lawn line entry!

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