AWU statement after its offices were raided by Federal Police today
The AWU WA Branch paid for Bruce Wilson's rented love-shack in inner-city Melbourne - where'd the bond go Bruce?

Minutes of the Victorian Branch AWU Executive meeting that appointed Bruce Wilson - with Bill Ludwig's "help"

On 29 June, 1992 - just five days after the AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc was incorporated - Bruce Wilson was installed as acting state secretary of the Victorian Branch of the AWU.

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Just prior to that meeting a standard branch executive meeting took place.

The minutes show that AWU National President and Bruce Wilson supporter Bill Ludwig had slipped down from Queensland to keep an eye on proceedings.  No doubt to make sure the branch's business was conducted with the members' interests first and foremost.
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Bruce apparently knew from 11 June 1992 (at the latest) that he was going to Melbourne - and that he'd need a local slush fund or two.

On 11 June 1992 the Re-Election fund was opened with a deposit of $15,000 and an address at the Clifton Hill Post Office - just up the road from Julia's Abbotsford digs.

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By March 1993 the address had changed.

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On  24 October 1994 $3,425 was transferred from this account to the AWU Members Welfare Association after Gillard's renovation payments to the Town Mode boys overdrew the account.  Just as well there was plenty of slush to choose from!

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