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Slater and Gordon's post-dated, open-ended, uncapped-fee deal with the AWU WA Branch

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On 20 August 1991 GILLARD was cocky enough to provide this on-the-record legal advice about replacing a non-Wilson supporter on the AWU Council with someone of like-mind.  No one seemed to care that Slater and Gordon wasn't yet acting for the union.  So who was her client?  How'd she get paid?  Anyone interested in that?  Anyone?

On 22 August 1991 the AWU WA Branch executive met to rubber stamp Bruce's latest wish list.

"Legal Services" were on the agenda.

So was a proposal from Slater and Gordon.

Amazingly, the proposal was dated 24 September 1991.

Not bad for a meeting on 22 August 1991.

The meeting unanimously authorised Bruce to "arrange and implement an appropriate agreement" to make Slater and Gordon the AWU's lawyers.  He was also authorised to review his own agreement and to make any changes he deemed appropriate from time to time.

What a great deal for Bruce and Julia.

Pretty raw one for the interests of justice and just about everyone else.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.11.41 pm


Gillard told Peter Gordon she'd helped Bruce out with legal work to oust his predecessor Joe Keenan as Secretary of the AWU, WA Branch. Those evil, revolting machinations had been going on for at least one year prior the above meeting.  I'll publish the details later today.  It's stomach churning.