Minutes of the Victorian Branch AWU Executive meeting that appointed Bruce Wilson - with Bill Ludwig's "help"
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The AWU WA Branch paid for Bruce Wilson's rented love-shack in inner-city Melbourne - where'd the bond go Bruce?

This episode doesn't involve a great deal of money - but it does give us an insight into Bruce Morton Wilson and the way he operated.

On Monday 29 June 1992 Bruce Wilson was appointed acting Victoria Branch Secretary.

On Friday 3 July he was back in Perth to get Blewitt installed as acting secretary in WA so Ralph could authorise Bruce's expenses under the Old Mates' Act.  Not like it would have been logical for the Victoria Branch to meet the costs of their new acting boss!

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Air travel plus the costs of a security system at home for the missus!  Not a bad deal Bruce.

Wilson didn't waste any time taking the branch up on its offer to pay for his digs.

On 15 July 1992 Wilson did the paperwork to lease an apartment in Carlton.  Note the Bond payment of $932.



On 15 July 1992 Bruce was set!

The AWU WA Branch had fronted the money for the bond - and it paid all the rental payments for his time in the inner-city pad.

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So considering the deal he'd been given, how do you reckon Wilson showed his gratitude to the hard-working AWU members who'd stumped up the dough?

He pocketed the bond.  Their money.  Bastard.