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Chairman Mal's new Chinese character name - out with the old Sugar Bun, in with the new "Clever Tongue"

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Before they knew him, the Chinese bestowed upon Chairman Mal the moniker Sugar Bun.

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Wily folk, the Chinese.

We have a crushed linen-besuited, Panama-hat topped, Peking-Duck chomping man in Shanghai.

He tells us that by decree of the People's Committee - Chairman Mal's moniker has been changed to 巧舌如簧, or in English "Clever Tongue".

It sounds like this.


Clever Tongue or 聪明的舌头 translates into English as "glib".

Seems rather fitting. 

(of words or a speaker) fluent but insincere and shallow.
"the glib phrases soon roll off the tongue"
synonyms: slickpatneatplausiblesilkysmooth-talking, fast-talking; 
.....which sums up Chairman Mal very nicely.
Here he is today pretending to talk about free trade - but we all know he's really saying he is smarter than Donald Trump - and the USA must soon realise how much smarter is the real Chairman Clever Tongue.