George Christensen's apology on behalf of the LNP - says Turnbull Government, leadership and policies letting us down
George Brandis with his Errol-Flynn-Finger on the pulse in Queensland, and the rosy hue of bullshit-indicating lividity rising.

Even after stopping Wilson's first attempt to steal $160K from the AWU - John Cain Jr, Bob Smith and Bernard Murphy facilitated his 2nd effort

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WILSON's first attempt to steal the money

On 14 July 1995 WILSON wrote a cheque for $160,770 drawn on the AWU Members Welfare Association and made out to a CBA bank account styled "Construction Industry Fund" which he, WILSON controlled.

On 14 July 1995 the cheque was presented to the CBA for negotiation into the Construction Industry Fund.

On that same day, 14 July 1995 Maurice Blackburn (solicitors for the Victoria Branch of the AWU under secretary Bob Smith) instructed the CBA to freeze all Victorian AWU bank accounts.  As a result Wilson's AWU Members Welfare Association cheque for $160K was not met on presentation and the funds remained frozen.


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