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Rich-lister Paul Darrouzet's help in concealing Wilson's slush funds - Part Two

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In Part One we published Joanne Painter's story in The Age which described Darrouzet's attempt to conceal his company's payments to the AWU Workplace Reform Association.  Darrouzet told CFMEU national secretary that Thiess had made only one payment to the AWU - and that was for a study into the use of asbestos contaminated soil.


On Tuesday, 26 September 1995 Ian Cambridge made this diary entry.

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Darrouzet knew all along about the AWU Workplace Reform Association.  He was the person who had negotiated the deal with Wilson for the sham Melbourne Water "consultancy".

On 15 September 1995 Ian Cambridge wrote to Thiess asking for its assistance as he tried to work out what money it had paid to the AWU or associated slush funds and for what purpose.


Thiess and Darrouzet of course had access to these ledgers:




But the company and its executives including Darrouzet chose not to assist Cambridge.

By February 1996 Victoria Police were investigating.

On 13 February 1996 Darrouzet made this statement to Detective Sergeant Turnley, the investigating officer.

It's published here for the first time.

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More soon.