Brilliant commentary from Hillbilly on Turnbull, Shorten, Dyson Heydon and whitewash Royal Commissions
It's worth watching Crooked Hillary's interview with Matt Lauer again - and her fury in the aftermath


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Nonna from FNQ

In another place and time, a twerp such as this would have been on a boat on the Thames River - making a one-way trip towards Traitor's Gate and the dungeons of the Tower of London!


Maybe those blokes in the pub were onto something?


Labor once again protecting their own, nothing to see here folks, move along. I would say that what dastardly Sam Dastyari has done is infinitely worse than all those politicians who have lost their jobs because they weren't aware of their dual citizenship, and yet treacherous Sam is still there, go figure.


The really galling and concerning thing here, is that apparently Bull Shitten simply cannot throw this little turd out of the Liebor Party...the factional snake is waiting if he does.

What a way to live or conduct politics....the Mafia are better behaved.


THE Chinese Government had a substantial stake in the company used by businesswoman Helen Liu to help fund Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon's 1998 re-election campaign.

dejavu. It is happening again with another Labor WHIP being found out. How many are of same ilk and are coming in under the radar?

Liz of Vic


This guy is having us all on!

He has learnt from a master in the art of lying.

Perhaps he may have a degree in that art! The Labor party is full of these people.


Nonna, he is a Quisling...not a Twerp. There is huge difference. I believe he is a PISSANT QUISLING in the true sense of both words.


The question that begs is "How did 'Dasher' know that his Chinese mate was under surveillance?" He's only another opposition Senator and not privy to information concerning ASIOs operations. His good mate and brother in law, Bill Shorten, as leader of the opposition has the correct security clearance to information about such operations.
I can't see this ending with just Dasher skulking on the back benches, because Peter Dutton is asking that same question.

Up The Workers!

Possibly Nonna, - on the other hand, he could be floating along in one of Sir Joseph Bazalgette's finest constructions beneath the pavement of London streets, with all the OTHER odious lumps he knocks about with.

Up The Workers!

And with all the absolutely lethal political ammunition that the Crims' Party idiocracy is daily handing him, our grotesquely incompetent Prime Quisling STILL CANNOT LAND A SINGLE, SOLITARY BLOW.

We know that sleazebag Shifty Nev was his "best mate - never had a better one!", but Turncoat's failure to get off his bum and actually DO SOMETHING, DO ANYTHING - even when Dyson Heydon gift-wraps the 30 criminal prosecution recommendations from T.U.R.C.; is starting to look more like deliberate collusion with all the Crims' Party crooks of Shifty Nev's old gang, than just blatant, breathtaking stupidity, spinelessness and incompetence.

Michelle Two

The intention of Why now?? they wanted some espioniage laws brought in by the end of the year..
Story is June 5 2017
ASIO warned them in 2015 about accepting donations from Chinese billionaires but the smell of cash is to much to bear for those in ego it rules over the conscience and doing the right thing..
ASIO has warned the major political parties about taking donations from two high-profile Chinese businessmen because they may be a conduit for Chinese Communist Party interference in Australian politics.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott have also been separately briefed by ASIO on the threat of Communist Party influence, as has Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis secretly briefed the top administrative officials from the three major parties in 2015 and referred to two men – billionaire property developers Huang Xiangmo and Chau Chak Wing – who have made about $6.7 million in political donations between them and their associates.

But the Coalition and Labor continued to accept money: the Coalition has since received $897,960 and Labor has taken $200,000.

A Fairfax Media-Four Corners investigation can also reveal that in the months leading up to the 2016 federal election, Labor Senator Sam Dastyari repeatedly assisted Mr Huang in his attempt to gain Australian citizenship. Mr Huang's citizenship application remains temporarily blocked while the billionaire is assessed by ASIO.

A fortnight before the election, Mr Huang also attempted use a $400,000 donation as leverage to pressure the Australian Labor Party over its policy on China.

In a separate development, former Australian trade minister Andrew Robb began receiving a part-time consulting fee of $880,000 per annum from another Communist Party-connected billionaire, Ye Cheng.
And in response to questions from Fairfax Media and Four Corners, Attorney-General George Brandis has said foreign interference by nation states is a worsening threat to Australia's sovereignty, the safety of its people, the economy, and "to the very integrity of our democracy".

He has promised a package of amendments to Australia's espionage and foreign interference laws by the end of the year.


I was in parliament a couple of years ago and watched"Little Billy Shorton-brains"and"Turdbull"having what I thought at the time was a serious go at one another.I then seen them outside and they were both having a laugh about something or other and thought a couple of minutes ago I would have sworn they were bitter enemies and now seem to be best buddies.Very strange indeed.

Up The Workers!

Pity they weren't armed with baseball bats at the time - they might have saved to poor beleaguered taxpayers several squillions in cash.

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