Brandis - "in 50 years, we'll be remembered for gay marriage". Us in the here & now can apparently get stuffed.
Brilliant commentary from Hillbilly on Turnbull, Shorten, Dyson Heydon and whitewash Royal Commissions

Sam from Iran - it's much, much worse than bad.

This deserves a much wider audience.


According to Article 988 of the Civil Code of the IslamicRepublic of Iran:

"Iranian nationals cannot abandon their nationality except on the following conditions:

1 - That they have reached the full age of 25.

2 - That the Council of Ministers has allowed the renunciation of their Iranian nationality.

3 - That they have previously undertaken to transfer within one year from the date of the renunciation of Iranian nationality, by some means, the rights that they possess 0r may acquire by inheritance, on landed properties in Iran, to Iranian Nationals (Even if Iranian laws may have allowed the possession of the same properties by foreign nationals).The wife and children of the person who renounces his/her nationality, according to this Article do not lose their Iranian nationality, whether the children are minors 0r adults, unless the permission of the Council of Ministers allows them to renounce their nationality.

4 - That they have completed their national military service.