It's worth watching Crooked Hillary's interview with Matt Lauer again - and her fury in the aftermath
The citizenship declaration form that all Senators must lodge tomorrow


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The gay ABC's rainbow Drum went very light on that sleazey traitor Sam Dastyari, that untalented smart mouth Juliar Baird is a complete joke.


Implausible, Dastyari's answers are unsatisfactory, he must be removed from parliament and the federal police must act.


The interesting thing about that conversation, is that Williamson was absolutely correct about the reality of putting the HSU into Administration.

Yet a Federal Court Judge made such a decision based on what??? I'd love Flick J to explain on what legal basis he based his decision on?

Dysfunctional for such purposes means a Committee of Management not turning up for work, not meeting, not making decisions and basically refusing to run an Organisation. An organisation is not dysfunctional if its Secretary/CEO is under Police investigation.

Even if the fiction perpetuated by Chris Brown and the media regarding a so called 'factional dispute' were accurate, that still didn't meet the test, nowhere near it.

Flick J was either nobbled or barely competent, a concern either way.

The entire process of Administration was a smokescreen to remove certain Victorian officials from the Union, because rightly or wrongly, they were seen as a threat to the NSW Right of the ALP.

Well done to the ALP and Union boneheads, they had their Pyrrhic victory, but since then Union density has dropped from 18% to 10.2%. That's freefall, they're irrelevant and heading towards nothingness.

[From MPS - you may be interested in some of these missives

Mr Val Gostencnik who gave legal advice on how not to refer Thomson ...
Nov 7, 2013 - On 28 March 2013 Bill Shorten appointed Mr Gostencnik as a Fair Work Commissioner. Mr Gostencnik is a highly experienced workplace relations lawyer. ... Note the instruction to "settle that letter" with Val Gostencnik came from Tim Lee, the FWA GM to the Australian Government ...
Bill Shorten's lawyer Val Gostencnik had all the documents - why not ...
Feb 24, 2014 - ...
I've asked Victoria's Legal Services Board to investigate Bill Shorten's ...
Mar 21, 2014 - The name Val GOSTENCNIK appears on Victoria's Register of Legal Practitioners here. I say Mr Gostencnik has engaged in a protracted ...
Val Gostencnik and Jacqueline Parker wrote the book on the Fair ...
Nov 7, 2013 - On 1 November 2010 the book "Navigating the Fair Work Laws" co-authored by Jacqueline Parker and Val Gostencnik was published by ...
StephenJ with further and better particulars about Val GOSTENCNIK ...
Mar 24, 2014 - On Friday I wrote to the Legal Services Board of Victoria to make a report alleging professional misconduct against Bill Shorten's lawyer Val ...
Val Gostencnik, Bill Shorten, Gerard Hayes, Sam Dastyari, Michael ...
Sep 3, 2014 - Recall that the former HSU Official Val Gostencnik was acting for Fair Work Australia in its investigation of the HSU. At the same time ...
Val GOSTENCNIK met with lawyers for Williamson's HSU to help Bill ...
Jun 27, 2014 - Bill Shorten's lawyer Val GOSTENCNIK attended a conference with lawyers acting for Michael Williamson friendly elements of the HSU days ...
The "independent" review of FWA's Thomson investigation ...
Nov 7, 2013 - An email from Bernadette O'Neill to Val Gostencnik on 24 January, 2012. ... met with KPMG within days of Mr Gostencnik's recommendation.
Julie Ligeti's union colleague Val Gostencnik was a director of the PILCH
Nov 17, 2013 - This 2004 Corrs Chambers Westgarth biography page for Val Gostencnik was archived here.The bio is a bit hard to follow - I've extracted these ...
While Minister Shorten was in the High Court for the union guy from ...
Feb 12, 2014 - Val Gostencnik of Corrs acted for him and provided detailed affidavit evidence on behalf of Minister Shorten in the originating application.

Dennis Thompson

Sam is the son of NSW Faceless Men, Sussex Street Associates


I'd love to see Pauline Hanson tweet him to see if tonight's a good night to catch up for that halal snack pack he offered to share with her.

seeker of truth

Sam has always been a wheeler dealer and plays one side against the other so it will have the best possible outcome for him. He now has Chinese omelette on his face. He can't be trusted by even his own party ever again. Let him stick around till after the Bennelong by-election. The Chinese voters came to Australia to escape the Communist Party and now they are discovering its tentacles have capture some in the Labor Party. They know the "Party" has spies in the community, welcomed and embraced by the ALP. I think they now know who they can trust and it isn't lying Kristina, special friend of Sam.


It was interesting to hear Peta Cradln state tonight, that as the PMs PA ,she and all other government employees have to have top security clearence to be employed in any department, but by a quirk in the rules 'Elected MPs are not required to be so cleared as it is assumed they will be loyal to their electorate, so for this reason he cannot be charged with breaking the Law or treason as there is no law.
Perhaps The ATO can have a little look into slimy Sam's affairs.

Andrew Collins

The treachery just keeps coming from Dastyari. Surely the federal police should now get more involved.


Dastyari is not to be trusted, ever! He must be turfed out on his ear from our parliament. Shorten must not give him a free pass.

The Smart Countryراية العقاب ☪️

Bottom line of course the Federal Police should arrest this traitor Dastyari, but it will never happen in the smart country. If aussies were patriotic this crap would not be happening, there is no culture or patriotism in Australia.


Liberals say PM Turnbull is a smart man? Turnbull is a big name barrister, him and barrister Brandis, between the two of them should be making Bill Shorten & Dastyari squirm like the poisonous slugs that they are? Problem is they all have dirt on each other and live in glass houses.


Wow, there is so much information shared on this site. Get it all out there,so it will never be forgotten.


$10 says he has dirt on other politicians so nothing will happen.

Michelle Two

His dad came to mind today so I was going to research the family ties and what info is out there..


Smarmy Dastyari has the good oil on Shorten! Both are on a greasy pole!


TDitto Gillard.


The fish that stinks, is rotting from the head ,so it is in Australia to day. Look at all our leaders. They are all foul and corrupt.

Up The Workers!

The A.L.P. must be recruiting their candidates from the deep-trench sewers, these days.

Rather than a seat in Federal Parliament being the culmination of a lifetime's experience for an honest and competent citizen wishing to better his or her country, it has become more like a "chamber of horrors" - the sort of place where a Municipal Health Inspector displays all the samples of rotten, adulterated, rat-infested food they've impounded from dirty shop-keepers. It is a gathering-place of all the worst, dishonest, traitorous and incompetent dregs of humanity our society has improbably thrown up.

Something is lethally wrong with our system of government that our Parliaments are so full of liars, turncoats, incompetents and crooks that there is apparently no longer any path for honest or well-intentioned people to get in there.

Dennis Thompson

The Weekend Australian reported a few years ago that former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was sighted in a Beijing, China restaurant dining with Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull. Dining with them were members of their families including two Chinese sons in law.


2, Rose4U


What you mention (if in fact true) is just this,.... & that is, this just shows Giant Holes in our (so called) "Security-Details" & due diligence with properly checking out of both MP,s & Senators backgrounds & only even further confirms yet again, the totally sloppy hand-shake nature & absurd mentality of authorities & the whole "Set-Up !

My opinion of all MP,s & Senators has now gone through the floor !

.....Talk about slime & slyness !

What Dangerous Fool dream pt up this absolute absurdity .....& why is this not (or has not) been amended, the question should now be asked,.... is it Deliberate ?

Put the sitting Member?Senator dead Last !

Your Choice People,.... as a Voter.

(& at least you would get rid of all of them (if you carefully go about it.)

"The Global Serf"


This pretty much says it all !

Do people really still now,...... think it is all hunky-dory !

Wakey-Wakey, ....People !

Up The Workers!

The Sydney Water Board should immediately flush and scrape out the Sussex Street Sewer as an urgent matter of Public Health and safety.

God knows what manner of vermin, germs and filth are breeding down there - but those who make it to the surface are all frightening specimens.


Dear old Val Gostencnik. He was also the Victorian HSU's allegedly mediocre Senior Industrial Officer in the 1980's.

Ironically Val Gostencnik was the mentor to a young Organiser, Jeff Jackson, Jeff Jackson held Gostencnik in the highest regard. Unfortunately, that may explain Jeff Jackson's less than mediocre ability to successfully gain industrial outcomes for his members.

Val Gostencnik's role in the HSU matters, was to ensure everything went to plan legally, to act as one of the coordinators.

Val Gostencnik was in the Victorian IR Club and would have always aspired to one day be appointed a Commissioner. Not based on ability, but on the networks he faithfully nurtured.

His reward was greater than that, he had a Presidential position created for him!

Val Gostencnik played a bit part in a substantial and complex conspiracy:

* The go slow on Thomson;

* putting the HSU East into Administration;

* demerging the HSU East back into seperate NSW & Vicorian Branches. The HSU/ALP forces would have had real difficulty winning an election over both States in the merged entity;

* the plea bargain with Michael Williamson and the failure to prosecute anyone else;

* the almost magical fixing of Diana Asmar's eligibilty to run in the subsequent Victorian election and the burying of an Ombudsman's investigation into Asmar's activities as Darebin Mayor;

* and the schoolboy errors leading to Thomson's acquittal on the more serious charges that would have seen him jailed.

Whilst I'm not suggesting that Gostencnik was involved in the Police matters regarding Williamson & Thomson, all these matters were related and a coordinated conspiracy.

Up The Workers!

When will the rusting, leaky, derelict A.L.P. ship finally desert its shiny, sinking RAT???

I once saw a rat who was as flash as a Dastyari with a gold tooth!

Liz of Vic

Yes D.T. I remember the photo!

Liz of Vic

Does Mr Gostenchik still have a very well-paid position somewhere paid for by the tax-payer?

And to think that our host of this site has to ask for donations, makes me feel even worse.

All this should be in screaming head-lines in the daily newspapers,
but all the journo's carefully do not see this, which is really the basis of the rot in this country.

Grey Coat

2 Up the Workers,

The Answer is very simple,.... most of both the Left & Far Left of both (primarily) The Labor & The Liberal MP,s/Senator Party Politicians, are now strongly leftist orientated & are a sly deceitful "Crew" who go along (in a somewhat hidden & roundabout way ultimately) with a type of NWO "Globalists"/UN Agenda & are only too happy to fall into line with (the partly hidden) World Planners & their
Mega Corporate mates & Conspiratorial,(imbedded) Internationalist
Un-Australian operatives.

(You can see it clearly with their utter hatred of all things of National, character & historical perspective & for an Australia being a strong independent self-sufficient & free self ruled Country on fair terms for its People.)

(* Not to say (of course) That this Nation can Trade with things to our competitive advantage & benefit with other Nations,... but only on sensible & fair terms).

There is now a large proportion of "Politicians" who show an absolute contempt for the vast majority of their decent fellow Australians & fail to carry out as trusted Representatives of the people & law abiding loyal Australians.

(like the people who they trusted to faithfully represent).

("They" (ie) (many "Politicians") who now think they know far better than most people.

"They" also see the future, perhaps as being with the help of
The Private Corrupt Bankers, Mega International Corporate Interests & Foreign Sympathisers as a way to change the course of this once proud Nation & to try to subvert it into some sort of Client State or Colony of The World Hegemony & try then abandon us & then try to start to crawl up that rotten ladder !

Australia's Independence & its basic freedoms are & has been & is being betrayed & subverted !

We now have "Grubs" in The Australian & even The State Parliaments who are
Un-Australian representatives... & who are only too happy to sell us out !

for either corrupt personal gain or for some sort of idiotic & unworkable alliance to some sort of horrible demonic
"dark-force" Conspiratorial "Order" in the World !

Grey Coat

Andrew Collins,

Correct !..... & agreed !

This, is a case of outright Treachery ! Most definitely there should be immediate action taken by our Security Agencies & a Major Full Probe (Without Party Political Interference) should be launched & instigated into this whole issue.

Should there be nothing that takes place & and an attempt made, to try to just "sweep this all under the carpet"...

Then, The Entire Leadership of The Australian Labor Party & even those Parliamentarians & their Political Major "Party" structure,should stand condemned & should rightly be exposed as a major threat to National Security !

(& also if there still is a deadly silence, then those Authorities who's job it is to protect Australia's Security also ought to be exposed as corrupt & useless organisations that are either inept or worse, directly working against & compromising Australia's best long term Interests & Security).

If, it is a case also that others are also involved with both treachery & outright corruption in this matter, then there should be no holding back !

Mute inaction, & non-action, surely indicates & shouts a complete cover up & a display of outright cowardice !

(& at the very least, The Public will then know & get a good fix & a very clear picture of the guilty parties & their "modus-operandi") .

The whole thing stinks like rotten fish !

Time is now way overdue for a Big "Clean Out" !


He's still in a position Bill Shorten created for him, Vice President of Fair Work Australia.

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