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Tallying up the costs of Gillard's renovations

The account number hand-written on the back of a $1600 cheque from Bruce Wilson - whose account was it?

Do you know the owner of a Commonwealth Bank account

BSB 063 123

A/C 1008 4513

The owner of that account was the lucky winner of a $1,600 cash prize from Bruce Wilson - and we'd like to congratulate them.

On 21 July 1995 Bruce Wilson wrote this cheque made out to cash.  

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 8.05.55 am

It was presented, negotiated and paid at the RMIT CBA branch on the same day (code 3008).

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.56.07 am

The back of the cheque bears handwriting which appears to be a bank account number - 3123 1008 4513


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 8.05.55 am

3123 is the CBA's shorthand for the Collingwood branch - the full BSB is 063 123.

I understand that the CBA acquired the Collingwood branch and its accounts when it acquired the State Bank of Victoria in 1990/91.

Bruce Wilson has some form in writing cheques the proceeds of which have found their way to that State Bank/CBA branch - as we've previously reported:

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.31.57 am

You can add this to the course of conduct:


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 2.32.15 am

Here's the statement showing the cheque was presented on 5 June, 1995 and was met on presentation.


Nine entries above cheque 181 for $2,180 in the statement is a 17 May 1995 deposit of $2,000.00.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 2.48.18 am

The deposit slip is in Wayne Hem's handwriting - and where'd the money come from?

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 2.54.05 am
Now here's

  1. Telikostiglou's cheque for $2,000
  2. screen grab from his CBA statement showing where the $2K came from -  a $10K deposit 3 days earlier
  3. details of the $10,000 cheque which came from the phantom AWU employee Ms Debbie Lawn.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 3.14.36 am

That last cheque - the $10,000 cheque associated with Debbie Lawn - ties the Gillard renovations to AWU union funds.

That's very serious indeed.

Recall that the allegation against her was the union money had been used in the renovation of her home.

More soon.




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Dennis Thompson

Maurice Blackburn and another "Labor Rat" being hunted ...


seeker of truth

Athol James' exhibits to TURC include copies of his bank deposit slips for cheque payments from Julia Gillard for renos on her house. There is one slip showing that she had an account with the CBA Collingwood relating to a cheque payment she made in February 1996.

page 16 - https://www.tradeunionroyalcommission.gov.au/Hearings/Documents/Evidence11June2014/StatementofAtholJamesdated23May2014.pdf

She also had a cheque account with another bank being the State Bank, Collingwood branch as per other deposit slips for earlier work on her house.

Fly on the wall

So Bruce Wilson wrote out a personal cheque from his account for $1.600.00 Dollars.

Your telling me he gave away almost 2 weeks salary ($1.6058) to some lucky person.
And lived on $58.00 that fortnight.

Hey Bruce gotta spare couple of grand I'll PM you my bank account number.


Tell me again how much money she gave away overseas when she was installed as PM?


Australians are being poisoned so that women in the Pacific can have gender equality. And if the Pacific men don't like it, we'll send our transgender army in to make them.


Michelle Two

In 1987 Julia Gillard moved to Collingwood from SA so she must of opened a new bank account when she went to University.. she at some stage worked as a barmaid it was written in one of those biography or articles about her.. not sure which one??

Julia Gillard must of had her photo taken on the 20 Sept 1995 outside the ALP Victorian Branch headquarters..
That would of been the week after her Slater & Gordon exit interview with Geoff Shaw, Peter Gordon and Nick Syant-Browne.. I wonder what the story was that went with it?? Fairfax have changed format so the previous links on my time line go straight to the Syndicate webpage so you have to register or sign up (not sure if costs are involved) I was just looking at the photo album there is a light box and a cart so payment must be involved..


Goodness. The folk from TURC must be kicking themselves that they didn’t seek your expertise back then. You are really showing them up.

Michelle Two

I wonder where this $25 thousand ended up for a study that wasn't done in January - July 1994??
Also I wonder if it was a lump sum or made in installments the fraud squad had a look at it but that was the year earlier then the accounts you have above.. So I don't want to side track you the article was written 26 September 1995 by Joanne Painter..

seeker of truth

Now we know what she looked like in September 1995. Not a bad photo of her. Thanks for the link.

Michelle Two

Here is another from 25 November 2001 inside Julia's house when she was the Shadow Minister for Immigration..


Rod W

Maybe it's a dumb question, but how come CHQ 83 from Bill the Greek was dated 18 May 95, but presented on 17 May?

Then Wilson's CHQ 181 is dated 6 Jun 95, but leaves the account on 5 Jun?

Don't banks have rules about this sort of thing? What's going on here?

Dennis Thompson

Like four wise monkeys.

Michelle Two

Good pick up maybe they knew they had to wait for the money to be transfered to the right bank account before the cheque cleared which they most likey did on the same day in the same bank so they could of done it near bank closing time so still got the date stamp on it when they did a transfer from whatever slush fund or bank account they used in the process of laundering money..


"Labor Senate candidate Julia Gillard outside the ALP Victorian Branch office in Melbourne, 20 September 1995."

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