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Snowflake stress levels at their ABC so bad the union will force entry something....or something

The Clintons and our millions facing all sorts of scrutiny - just not in Australia. Yet.

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I had a most encouraging call with a US colleague during the past week or so.

The Clinton Foundation frauds are being investigated in a significant donor country - sadly not ours.

On 15 November the Clintons face a tax filing deadline in the US.

On my read, for the Clintons to file a truthful return as required by US law each of their previous returns dating back to 1997 will need to be amended and refiled.  Two days to go.

In the meantime Saturday Night Live from New York has taken to parodying Hillary and the "new" democrats.  That has to be a very good omen!  Enjoy - unless you're Kevin, Julia, Julie, Alexander or Malcolm.