Merry Christmas from Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Christmas message 2017


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And a merry Christmas to all the men and women of our police force, you are worth your weight in gold, thank you for all you do in trying to keep us safe.

Michelle Two

Good Morning xx How are you feeling today? time to rest I hope after all the festivities of yesterday, a time for left overs from your feasts and to catch up with other family members if you didn't see them yesterday..
If you are a service personnel or still have to work through the season "Thank You!" for your time and energy to look after others especially those in the Police Force who protect the neighborhood from the would be thieves who think it is their right to steal from others because they have more or to feed the drug habits of those caught in a cycle of a downward spiral of their soul.. The Ambo's and nurses who help those who can't make it home because of illness or accidents of all natures..

I will be chilling out today so not much on the agenda I don't have to work this morning I start again tomorrow I think I will be trying to catch up on what day of the week it is..

The angel message for today is "If you believe" so if you believe it to be so it will be because your soul and your energy will have created it, and you are only limited by your own belief and belief system..
So if you believe something may happen in the future and your soul is guiding you to that place then it will be what you see in your vision, dreams or just your inner wisdom and soul knowing so using your inner most senses if you believe your soul is going down that path, road and you believe whole heartly that something will take place then that is what your create in your reality.. Your emotions, thoughts and intentions are where you direct your energy so that is what then flows but of course all events have to take time to manifest depending on what it is that you are directing your soul towards because spirit will always direct your soul to the best possible outcome depending on the other souls around you as you have no control over their freewill just as they have no control over your thoughts or emotions because they are of your own creation through what ever you believe to be true for you, or others that may come into guide you on your own path and soul journey.. So you control your energy and others control theirs but at the higher level of both or all involved in any situation work on the solutions at the spirit and soul level so you come to some sort of peace and harmony to work on any situations togethers and get through the challenges and create in spirit first.. This is where you see visions in dreams in your sleeping hours when your mind is not overcrowded but at rest bringing you the solutions, ideas and some guidance when you are not overthinking but when your soul is ready that is when you receive the thoughts from your conscious mind..
So if you feel your mind is overcrowded and you have trouble sleeping at night because of all the thoughts in your head that is when you need to shift the energy and you can get your rest, and your soul does the higher soul work to bring you what you need by the inner wisdom you hold to help you out in all situations and challenges in life..
So humour helps you to shift the energy because you are not being bogged down with your fears but your soul lifts to that weightless and higher energy so you can then become self balanced and not take life to seriously because you have moved the fear energy..
Meditation helps to shift this energy so does music if you can take your mind of the overthinking, doing things on impulse and following your heart and feeding the inner child by playing and not working yourself into the ground helps to shift this overthinking and going over of the past emotions to try and help you with today's solution doesn't help because those past hurts are no longer relevant to help you solve todays challenges because that is old energy which is what you heal from and shift with the help of the angels and light masters that are guiding you to the best version of you without the fear involves..
Allowing your ego to come in and bring its messages but then letting it go as the ego and your fears bring your soul to the lower consciousness level so you will get caught in the cycle of always looking to the past and what you felt in any of the situations that come up in your mind, for it will try to drag you back to your self doubts and a place you don't need to go, so call for forgiveness and let everything go to the keeper as none of it is relevant and you need to work with what you have in the now time to always advance forward, because the lessons of the past gave you todays wisdom which will lead you into the future the one you are creating step by step with your current manifestations, your soul always knows the way so you need to trust the heart and the little inner voices that come through your intuition and not second guess yourself on your current choices because the way you create your reality is through those dreams, visions and emotions where you direct your soul energy..
So all is well it is a matter of training your ego mind and surrendering to what it is you can't control and to work with what you can control that is your thoughts, emotions and intentions to where it is you want to go, without letting fear or that of others control you to be any other person and the true soul of integrity that you are, full of love, grace and compassion towards your own life purpose which lies in that which you are most passionate about at any given moment but your soul will always be drawn to a magnet to what you are supposed to be working on in this life time.. love and light xx
Another message for those that are having health issues "Improving Health" this has come up a few times over the last week so someone that is having health issues keep directing your soul with positive energy of seeing yourself healed and listening to your bodies needs by also taking your doctors advice but working on the deeper level of your soul and the innate by telling your body you are the creator and that you don't wish to feel this pain any longer and to heal by directing your body to do the work, so you may need to call on the healing angels and the light masters to also help you shift this energy as it may be from past incarnations that is coming through now to help others with your healing as well and a part of your soul journey of allowing yourself to be taken care of for you may of done that caring role in another past lifetime so it may be a part of your karmic cycle which you can change direction at any stage by also believing your soul to be in perfect health once again and cutting the energy ties to the past incarnations deal and working on nurturing yourself but also allowing others to help you heal.. Maybe try something like Reiki or other sort of metaphysical healing modality to help you shift the energy of your soul first into action and what needs healing will come to your mind, body and soul.. So work on your healing by nurturing all needs that come to you and see how this illness is affecting those around you and if you are bringing a need to them also and knowing the lessons you are getting within, by seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and working your way to it by not feeding your fears but by feeding your light within.. Love is the greatest healer of all if you only believe in its power to overcome all obstacles put in your way as they are the strength and courage builders that make you the magnificent soul that you are and oh! so wise to the way of the world..
The biggest one you have to believe in is yourself, not a higher power with the name "God" for you are that god and higher power and all healing lies within your soul because you are so wise.. but hide the wisdom with your fears for that is the cloud that blocks healing.. love and light xx
Walk beside me..

Julie of Geelong

Yes agree 150%

Dennis Thompson

I second that Grandpa


Merry and safe Christmas to you all.

cynical LN

As a regular reader of your contributions I recognise that our viewpoints often differ somewhat but I understand that it is your perogative to believe whatever you wish, and I am sure you still will.
However, in this instance, I did feel that the first four lines of your last paragraph should not go unchallenged because I believe God's power is important to many Christian people and can bring about much more change in people's lives than any mere mortal can. Of course, one should believe in one's self to help bring about a better outcome for yourself; however, Michelle 2's comment above that God (with a capitol G)is a non-entity (according to her) because we are our own little gods. To me, this sort of speculation re religious beliefs is best omitted so that the blog remains truly objective to the given topics.

cynical LN

Michelle 2, please don't feel that I am having a go at your basic beliefs as I do believe you have every right to believe whatever your soul so desires.

I wish you a blessed & successful 2018 and may all your dreams come true. Kind regards.

Political speedbump

Hang on a minute folks ,I hate to be the devils advocate here but are we cheering the same CFMEU run Police force and Union run state that has quietly placed its collective law enforcement head up several arses whilst the Labor/Gillard criminal cartel continued to flourish and avoided all manner of investigations and prosecutions,especially for the last several years now.

Have I missed something ?, or is this the same bizarre distraction syndrome that has people cheering for Bikies just because they take one day off a year from their criminal violence and drug dealing for a PR stunt and collect teddybears for kids .

I have a thousand percent faith in you Michael and the varacity of your private prosecution , but the Vic Police ...well not so much. When I see some evidence of actual law enforcement effort and a some fair dinkum charges laid against some big name players ....then its still all just bullshit and bluster from VicPol .

All whilst you and your team have done all the grunt work for them .

So many exposed shonks and cheats are still free and many are still  in politics !

Look I am sure I am not the only activist who has been conned and misled by mor political allsorts than I can count. It makes me sad when I see Michael and others give currency to political shonks and cheats. I done deals with political lying grubs because they have control and want to keep it. So I can understand Michael dealing with border line political dead wood because they have control. And we see it all the time when a small reactive group attracts a following then politicians want to be our friends. Yes you are watching the same shonks and cheats we all are. But not enough of us are really tearing them to bits at the polling booths which is what they deserve. If we really want change we must take the power from the shonks and cheats and use it as it should be our own right to good governance. We would be lucky to have destroyed several political careers most of those exposed by the RC have just changed places and gone back to business us usual. The systemic corruption is unrelenting be it Labor Liberal or Greens. They are all at it all the dam time. Fancy giving control of our jails away to overseas interest! Edward James the Dolls House


Despite what you might think Political speedbump, the majority of police do a great job, they are being hamstrung by those at the top who make all the (stupid) decisions.

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