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AG George Brandis's website promoting wedding stationery printer - and indeterminate/intersex/unspecified brides/grooms/partners

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This is the marriage section of the website of Commonwealth Attorney General Senator The Honourable George Brandis QC.

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There you'll find a link to a heap of new marriage stationery and forms.


This page has information on the following:

George is now doing ads for commercial organisations - or to accurate, one commercial organisation which "has the contract".

Marriage forms

The forms on this page are for official use under the Marriage Act 1961 and Marriage Regulations 1963. Do not modify these forms as this may result in void documents. 

All forms can be downloaded from this site, with the exception of the Form 15 Certificate of Marriage, which can only be purchased by an authorised celebrant through CanPrint Communications. CanPrint is contracted by the Australian Government to supply the Form 15 and other marriage stationery—including marriage registers, official forms and certificates. Your marriage celebrant registration number must be quoted when purchasing marriage stationery.

Visit the CanPrint Communications website for information, order forms and contact details. You can email CanPrint Communications at [email protected].

Marriage celebrants may generate or purchase the approved marriage forms from other sources, but must ensure that such forms comply with the forms approved under the Marriage Act. If such forms do not comply, the registries of births, deaths and marriages have the authority under the Marriage Act 1961 to reject them.


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And if you follow all those links you'll come to the new world, courtesy of George.

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That's a fair bit more than we were postal surveyed for George.

But then we always did get a lot more from you than met the eye.

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