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Bill and Chloe Shorten's Christmas message - how to say everything and say nothing

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BILL SHORTEN, LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: At Christmas we celebrate what matters most, love and family.

But while most of us will be enjoying a well-earned break, Chloe and I want to thank all those Australians who will be serving others.

The brave men and women of our Australian Defence Forces, serving in the Middle East away from their families.

We think of you and your families back home here in Australia. 

CHLOE SHORTEN: Fire-fighters, police officers and healthcare workers who at what should be a happy time, confront tragedy and disaster.

BILL: And let’s also spare a thought for those who are fighting their own battles against poverty, addiction, abuse or mental illness.

CHLOE: And let us give thanks for all the wonderful volunteers and organisations who work to bring a bit of Christmas joy into troubled lives.

BILL: And to all those Australians who will be working on Christmas Day for no other reason than they have got to help pay the bills, put food on the table – I just want to thank you.

Without you, the rest of us couldn't enjoy our Christmas Day and I thank you for your hard work.

CHLOE: Wherever you are and however you’re celebrating, we hope your Christmas is filled with love and laughter.

BILL: And please take care on the roads and take care of each other.

TOGETHER: Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

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