Liberal Jason Falinski refuses to release legal advice on his citizenship - uses same law firm as Bill Shorten
Anthony Albanese told the ABC's 730 program a lot more about his family than he's disclosed on his citizenship declaration

Bill Shorten found out on citizenship claims - the truth is incidental, tough it out, it's what they can prove not what actually happened

Here's the news today:

And here are a few Bill Shorten quotes from 9 November 2017


SHORTEN: Well first of all, we have had years and months to get this right. It wasn't Labor who invented this crisis. To be honest - 

But also, I've got to be clear here, all that we are asking for is that if your parents or grandparents are born overseas, that the parliamentarian takes reasonable steps to investigate and renounce any potential foreign citizenship. That's the High Court test. Mr Turnbull at this stage doesn't agree but I'm optimistic he will see the wisdom in what we say and we will get on with it. 

This is a crisis which is stopping the Government getting on with its day job, and we do want to be constructive and we will be. 

KNIGHT: Ok, so the term "reasonable steps" it sounds like you have doubts about some of your own MPs and Senators. Can you still guarantee that no Labor MP will be caught up in this?

SHORTEN: First of all, the term "reasonable steps" is not my language, it is that of the High Court. All I want to do is make sure that the Constitution is upheld. The High Court has looked at the matter of the eligibility of the MPs numerous times in the last 20 and 30 years, and the test was set out by the High Court most recently, two weeks ago. 

KNIGHT: Can you guarantee that no Labor MPs or Senators will be caught up in this?.

SHORTEN: I am more than satisfied that Labor MPs, through our vetting process -

KNIGHT: Can you guarantee rather than more than satisfied? 

SHORTEN: Yes, I am. Yes.

KNIGHT: Rolled gold?

SHORTEN: Yes, I am very confident. And what’s more is when you have to look at the track record, it has not been Labor and its ministers who have been the problem here.