Motion to refer 9 citizenship suspects to High Court tied on the floor of the House of Reps - Speaker gets casting vote, drum roll.............
The nomination form for election to the Federal Parliament couldn't be more explicit about citizenship

Islamic Republic of Iran has not approved Dastyari's renunciation. Why are Gallagher, Feeney et al in the High Court without Sam?

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It's an obvious question.

Other Senators and MPs are being referred to the High Court because they did not receive confirmation of their successful renunciation of British citizenship until after their nomination for election.

Sam Dastyari has never received so much as acknowledgement of his application for renunciation - let alone the requisite approval from the Islamic Republic of Iran of his release from his obligations to that country.

Dastyari's obligation includes an order that he complete national service in the Iranian military prior to his application to renounce proceeding any further.

Dastyari says he will disobey any such order.

That strategy didn't protect Australian or US deserters who fled the country to avoid their conscription obligations.

So what if Iran is a difficult country from which to extract oneself?

Others are being held to a different standard from Slippery Sam.

At the very least he should be before the High Court too.



Here's Labor's Tony Burke referring David Feeney to the High Court.  Why?  Because Feeney has been unable to produce the documents proving his successful renunciation of British Citizenship.

Neither has Dastyari.  

Dastyari's obligations are to a far more dangerous regime than the benign British.