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Labor laying groundwork for Sam Dastyari to do a Richo

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Linda Burney is perfect for the role of Chief Sympathy Officer in the Dastyari Project.

Black.  Woman.  Muslim-friendly.

The Dastyari Project Team is hard at work crafting Sam's post parliamentary career.

Sam's done the hard yards for Labor - now Labor will do the hard yards for Sam.

For life.

Watch as Sam is loaded up with as much Chinese fund-raising blame as those skinny shoulders will bear.

He'll be re-cast as a misguided Lone wolf - but driven by a noble cause.

Labor will tell us the slate has been wiped clean - it was all Sam, we don't do fund-raising that way any more.

And like his predecessor Richo, Sam's reward will be great in Labor heaven.

Here's the first plank in Project Sam.



When the next step (signed sealed and delivered employment contract) is delivered, Sam will resign.

Here's a reminder of his predecessor Richo's blaze of glory departure from The Senate.


On 25 March 1994, Richardson resigned both (ministerial) positions and retired from parliament, citing ill-health. However, at the same time, allegations were mounting that Richardson was involved in acquiring prostitutes for his personal use, supplied by Robert Burgess and Nick Karlos. Karlos reportedly had been accused of having serious criminal connections; meanwhile Richardson had signed a letter of support on Ministerial letterhead for Burgess which was then used to set up a meeting between Richardson and the senior executive of a US defence company, where Richardson discussed Burgess' interests. Richardson denied the allegations.