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Bill Shorten found out on citizenship claims - the truth is incidental, tough it out, it's what they can prove not what actually happened

Liberal Jason Falinski refuses to release legal advice on his citizenship - uses same law firm as Bill Shorten


Falinski refuses to release his legal advice over a fairly complex citizenship matter.

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And who does he turn to for legal advice - the same firm that Bill Shorten trusts all the way to the bank.


Liberal Jason Falinski is facing questions about dual Polish citizenship.

Mr Falinski could be a Polish citizen by descent, with ­immigration documents from June and July 1958 showing his father and grandfather had Polish citizenship when they arrived in Australia.

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The MP for the blue ribbon north shore seat of Mackellar — previously held by Bronwyn Bishop — vehemently denies any suggestion of his dual citizenship.

Polish citizenship law is notoriously complicated, but incoming passenger cards show Mr Falinski’s father Stanislaw and grandfather Leon both listed as Polish citizens.

They appeared on the electoral roll as Australian citizens between 1966 and 1968.

While prospective Polish citizens are required to fill out a confirmation form to ­acquire a passport, the Polish Consul in Sydney said not having done so “doesn’t mean they are not a Polish citizen”.

“If they want to get to know if they are or not they need to make an application to find out for sure,” Zbigniew Aug­ustyn said.

Another Polish citizenship consultant, Jolanta Wolski, told The Daily Telegraph: “If the person’s ancestors (father and/or grandfather) had not formally renounced their Polish citizenship, then this person would be Polish by descent.

“However, if the person wanted to apply for a Polish passport, he/she would still have to apply for Confirmation of Polish Citizenship.”