Generic drugs billionaire with Clinton Foundation links and his wife found strangled in their home
If the Islamists stop fighting, there will be no more fighting. If Israel stops, there will be no more Israel.

Not from a university, this is news! From ABCNews today - "A Brief History of Attitudes to Women's Pleasure in Australia"

How is this news?

Isn't this sort of stuff the domain of academia?

Or does the ABC now have an open ticket remit to do whatever its staff want?

Good afternoon, this is the ABC and here is the news. Historically, women's pleasure and reproduction were split. Women who felt too much pleasure were considered unnatural. Many women now feel more freedom to experiment sexually. After the break more on how climate change reduces women's pleasure - and just how bad is Donald Trump?

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And this is the 'brief' news item - stand by for Four Corners in-depth investigation.