Police without logic, intellect or self-respect.
Calls for Turnbull to send AFP into Melbourne over gangs. Why stop there? Why not NYPD or the Ugandan Army?

Nothing could come between Julia and Bruce's stories - except for these hotel bills, Telecom records and Ralph Blewitt

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Ralph's getting in the way of a good bulltish story again!

I'm publishing a very small part of a trove of information about the extent of Ralph Blewitt's conversations with Julia Gillard at home - or whoever was answering Ms Gillard's home phone at the time.

8 October 1994 - Saturday afternoon - Blewitt's home phone to Gillard's home phone

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Tuesday, 6 April 1993 (just after settlement of Kerr Street) and finger-troubles Ralph is trying to call Gillard's home - first he puts the Perth STD code (09) in, then gets it right on the second try - but Julia was either not at home or, ahem, busy.

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Quite a few calls in November of 93 - this one's on Thursday 18 NOV 93 - Ralph does recall attending the AWU's national executive meeting in Sydney and being told by Wilson to divert to Melbourne with $7,000 cash for Julia's builders.

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Missed these ones yesterday from Ralph's place - Saturday 14th and Thursday 26th of August 1993 from Ralph's home to Julia's home.

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And there are many, many more.

Which makes you wonder about false denials like this one - false denials are usually a pretty good indication of mens rea, or the criminal's guilty mind.

This is a file note from Slater and Gordon - seized by police with a search warrant.

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And they thought nothing could tear them apart!