ABC News - "Of 88 LGBTQI Australian drama characters between 2011/15, only 2 were transgender".
We will shortly see, Ms GILLARD, who will win. Clinton and her protectors, or justice.

President Trump's national security strategy - good news for freedom and Australia. Bad news for Islamists.

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This is good news for Australians everywhere. Mad Dog Mattis has already crushed the nascent Islamic Caliphate in Iraq and Syria that was allowed to flourish under Obama.  Expect more of the same.  

And climate change as a threat to US security is gone - kaput. The only threat related to environmental policies and regulations is the threat that may have imposed on US access to fossil fuel energy.  Trump and his team are awake to the climate change clowns.

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Here are a couple of paragraphs from the document which relate directly to us and our interests.

There can be no greater action to advance the rights of individuals than to defeat jihadist terrorists and other groups that foment hatred and use violence to advance their supremacist Islamist ideologies. We will continue to join with other states to defeat this scourge of all civilized peoples.

Australia has fought alongside us in every significant conf lict since World War I, and continues to reinforce economic and security arrangements that support our shared interests and safeguard democrat ic va lues across the region.

We will seek to increase quadrilateral cooperation with Japan, Australia, and India.

Jihadist terrorist organizations present the most dangerous terrorist threat to the Nation. America, alongside our allies and partners, is fighting a long war against these fanatics who advance a totalitarian vision for a global Islamist caliphate that justifies murder and slavery, promotes repression, and seeks to undermine the American way of life.

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