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Vision Statement

Mirroring the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s message to the UN’s Economic and Social Council’s two-day Youth Forum last year, we believe that the youths of today need to stop being contented with being the leaders of tomorrow; the youths of today must be leaders of today AND empower the youths of tomorrow to be the leaders of tomorrow. Youth mainstreaming must move beyond being a conceptual vision. Everyone has a role to play in that.

Youths must be equal partners in leadership of society.

Youths of today must take ownership of the challenges ahead as well as right now. The consequences of the actions as well as inactions of today will be borne by the custodians of tomorrow. Under the current model of social and political leadership, where power and resources are controlled by those with much more vested interests in today rather than tomorrow, there is no impetus nor incentive for farsightedness.

With a social and political leadership that is youth mainstreamed, whose majority interests lie in a better tomorrow, it will translate into a more farsighted, future-centric set of leadership dynamics and priorities. Therefore, the agenda moving forward must be the agenda jointly set by the youths, side by side and equitably with other constituencies of today.
It is imperative that the progressive youths world wide MUST be equipped in solidarity to push for a progressive youth-driven agenda. The starting point and fundamental capacity that must be built among us, the youths towards youth mainstreaming, is the very belief that the youths must be at the driver seat and the bargaining table as equals.

We must evolve from the current status quo where youths are often relegated as inferior and given subordinate roles in social and political leadership, constantly seeking approval and permission to bring to the fore a youth-centric agenda.

Youths are not ancillary, we are not subordinate, we are, like women and transgenders are to men; like practicers of one faith are, to believers of another faith; like the physically and/or mentally disabled are to those unaffected by disabilities; like the aged and the infantile are to us youths, we are and therefore must be treated as equal partners in a a global society where everyone matters equally.

For those detractors who believe that youths, by definition are lesser able and not as well equipped in terms of experience and capacity to assume positions and responsibilities of leadership, they must be corrected.

Malaysian Progressive youths acknowledge that and is setting forth to play a crucial part in that, starting off on home ground. In order for a global agenda to take off, it needs a truly inclusive, truly free and truly just, idealogical platform to propel it to the hearts and minds of all; Social Democracy is the only such platform, we believe.

Social democracy historically, has been able to galvanise those on the political left to stand united in solidarity with real and solid programmes , as well as convince those on the other side of the centre of the political aisle. This has been the secret behind the successful legacies of leftish policies being put into action in some of the most well developed, well run and equitable nations. It is safe to say that Social Democrats do not only have the correct ideas, Social Democrats have also proven to be able to make them work to change lives for the better.

Social Democracy as an ideology is the evolutionary incarnate of the Left movement; in the international context, it is constantly evolving on the path of progress. Stories of both successes and failures of social democracy have dotted the world over; currently it is very much so a bag of mixed fortunes for the movement we hold dear. The role played by youths are often significant yet either downplayed or sidelined.

Assuming -- as members of social democratic parties, left and centre leftists, as well as progressives—we hold no doubt about the ideological convictions of our movement, the not-so successful stories are but circumstantial consequences. Sentiments counter to or against social democratic values and ideals; lesser communication channels and methods being employed and maybe the failure to articulate and inspire the true potentials of our ideology, among many other reasons are all contributors; ultimately we feel that much of this can be overcome if the youths were equal partners in leadership, and the voices of the youths were not only heard but listened to and heeded.

Youth mainstreaming in political leadership is an agenda that has the potential to position Social Democracy for a global electoral comeback in the years to come, as well as overcome the aforementioned challenges. Likewise, the agenda itself needs a platform like social democracy to reach the youths of today and tomorrow, political leaders of today and tomorrow, and have it made into not just an idea, but a reality.

DAPSY Political Education Summit 2016
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