Julie Bishop's $44M PA "Australia seeks to align its support with the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) objectives"
DFAT promoting Muslim "modest fashion" - the inference appears to be anything else is immodest. Uncovered meat a la Grand Mufti.

Charles Ortel on Radio Sputnik with a comprehensive discussion of Hillary Clinton/Obama et al email scandal

Here's Charles:

I have been giving interviews with several excellent investigators---here is one that, immodeslly, I might argue is pretty good.

In it, I take people through the real investigatin of HRC/others mishandling classified infrormation that started 10 July 2015.
Knowing this, one has to question why she was even allowed to campaign given the 811(c) referral and considering massive unprosecuted Clinton Foundation frauds.
In addition, I will have something in American Thinker next week helping people hrough the Sunday with Charles playlist of shows.
Tomorrow we will be doing "Racket Man" (riffing on Music Man, and on Elton John) and going hard against Bill Clinton and his cronies.
All best and kind regards....c.