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Julia GILLARD and Hillary CLINTON consorting again as CLINTON sends message to "activist bitches supporting bitches"

DFAT promoting Muslim "modest fashion" - the inference appears to be anything else is immodest. Uncovered meat a la Grand Mufti.

DFAT has swallowed the poison by accepting and reusing the "modest fashion market" characterisation to describe mandatory Islamic coverings for women.

If this clothing is "modest" - what are normal clothes, immodest?  Hussy?  

There are echoes of Sheik Hilaly of uncovered meat infamy here.

How does Julie Bishop continue to get away with the naff, tendentious "fashion diplomacy" crap.

Donald Trump's wife Melania has genuine cred in the fashion industry.  Now try to imagine Trump announcing a new "fashion diplomacy" initiative, even with Melania's real expertise.  He'd be laughed out of town.  Which is precisely where Ms Bishop should be headed.

By Pamela Cue, Manager, Public Diplomacy and Policy Support Section, Australian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur

You may not have even heard of the modest fashion market [external PDF], but it is booming. Modest fashion is clothing that conceals rather than accentuating the body – and it is quickly increasing in popularity. Spending is estimated to reach USD368 billion by 2021, a 7.2 per cent growth rate since 2015. To put it in context, that’s more than the combined size of the current clothing markets in the United Kingdom (USD107 billion), Germany (USD99 billion) and India (USD96 billion).

South East Asia is one of the biggest consumers of modest fashion, with young Muslim women in particular driving demand. In fact, millennials from Indonesia and Malaysia have the highest engagement rates on social media in the modest fashion sector.

This so-called ‘rise of the hijabista’ presents valuable opportunities for Australia’s international engagement. Apart from the obvious economic benefits, the emerging modest fashion market can help advance Australia’s public diplomacy objectives.

Not only does it provide a platform to showcase Australia’s diverse, tolerant and open multicultural society, but it also highlights the excellence of our creative industries.

At our High Commission in Kuala Lumpur we recently did just this, with the launch of the acclaimed ‘Faith, Fashion, Fusion: Muslim Women’s Style in Australia’ exhibition at the renowned Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia.


Malaysian launch of Faith, Fashion, Fusion: Muslim Women’s Style in Australia. Image credit: Australian High Commission, Malaysia.

Developed by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, ‘Faith, Fashion, Fusion’ showcases the experiences of leading Australian Muslim women, how they express their faith through fashion, and Australia’s modest fashion industry.