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Letter from NSW Labor leader Luke Foley - announcing a NSW Government treaty with Aborigines if Labor wins power

Luke, if this is the only way you can find fulfilment you need to get out more.


Dear xxxx

On this day 230 years ago the first British colony in Australia was settled at Sydney Cove. This was the beginning of New South Wales as we know it today.

The land was expropriated from Indigenous people and claimed for the British Empire.

There is much to celebrate this Australia Day, and we should use this day to face up to our oldest continuing problem: the dispossession of the Indigenous people.

We must come to terms with the inherent injustice of that dispossession and it’s ongoing consequences.

Only down this road will we find fulfilment.

That is why today I’m announcing that the next Labor government will begin the process of establishing a treaty between the Indigenous people and the government – to rectify past injustices and to advance the future interests of our state.

A Treaty will provide a truthful and honourable basis for our reconciliation with the State’s first people.

It's time to come together and right the wrongs of our past. 

I hope you and your family enjoy your long weekend,

Luke Foley
NSW Labor Leader

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