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Australian aid to Palestinian Authority equals 86% cost of Mahmoud Abbas's brand new private jet!

NSW Labor inviting nominations to fill Sam Dastyari's senate seat - $750 to nominate - form here

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The Labor Party just going through the motions for appearances sake?

Perish the thought.




A new members' evening will be held in March. Luke Foley, Leader of the Labor Party and Members of Parliament will be in attendance to welcome new members. The details are:

When:             6pm, Wednesday 7 March 2018
Where:            Jubilee Room, NSW Parliament, Macquarie St, Sydney


Due to the foreshadowed resignation of Senator Sam Dastyari, a casual vacancy has been created in the Australian Senate. Nominations are called to fill the casual vacancy to be determined by a ballot of the Administrative Committee, according to the following timetable:

Nominations open:             4pm, Thursday 25 January 2018
Nominations close:             4pm, Thursday 1 February 2018
Ballot (if required):            By the NSW Labor Administrative Committee - 9am-11am, Friday 2 February 2018
Nomination fee:                  $750

All nominations must be on the official form, which can be obtained from the NSW Party Office. Nominations will be accepted by the General Returning Officer (or delegate) at the NSW Party Office, Level 9, 377–383 Sussex St, Sydney.

A short note on donations

The Liberals and Nationals have their backers from the big end of town, but we're building our grassroots campaign for a fairer NSW and funding it by small donations from tens of thousands of passionate community members like you. Will you be one of our generous donors? Whatever you can afford — even if it's just $3 — will make a difference to the future of NSW.

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