Shorten on corruption - actually he's very very long on corruption
Government of Turnbull sold to the only bidder - Malcolm Turnbull


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Jeff of FNQ

Great speech and utterly disgraceful conduct by Pelosi and her Democrats.

A great experience for 12-year-old Preston Sharp, who organised a campaign to put flags on fallen veterans’ graves, to be invited to attend the speech.


Trump is awesome. Go trump. Where is our fearless leader to drain our swamp and serve the nation instead of the self interest and sabotage of the wonderful country we love by those we know too well in the govt and opposition

Dennis Thompson

Following President Trump's United Nations Address in New York.


Wayne Shaft

Good lord !! Quick someone take a picture ! A Western political leader putting HIS Country FIRST .😳😳😳 President Trump the Great White Hope Towering over the bought and paid for Globalist Dopes !👊👊👊


Looks like Joe Kennedy's response speech went well....

At this rate, the Dems will have to wheel out Hillary again in 2020 for a third time fail.

Michelle Two

I'm listening to it now about 40 mins in and noticed there is an Eagle looking down at them them all..

"The Eagle has landed" .. love and light xx

Another quote from Winston Churchill
"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice will attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is." ..

Michelle Two

Trump can't do it on his own as it will be a collective consciousness and souls wanting the same thing, it will be interesting to see how the detractors and fifth column media are going to pick it to pieces..
A few tantrums coming up I would guess, the protestors will be out the more the light and truth comes out..

Here is the first one with a steely eyed face she sat in the crowd at the address of the union.. These souls should wake up that they are not going to bring in their ideology and throwing tantrums changes nothing as you work and serve the people not your own ideology.. If the society wanted the same shit they would of voted in Hillary..
Nancy Pelosi‏Verified account @NancyPelosi

Tonight, @realDonaldTrump presented a self-congratulatory speech w/o vision. He promised unity, but sowed division. America deserves better. #SOTU
8:41 PM - 30 Jan 2018


I was dumbfounded watching all those Black politicians sitting there with sour demeanours looking as angry as they had been told to look while Trump was delivering the news that Black unemployment was at its lowest numbers in history.

They proved they are there for themselves and not the wellbeing of their fellow Blacks.


Eagles vs Patriots.

Ironic, or just more rigged colosseum opiate for the masses?


One is a narcissistic f#@kwit, the other is the POTUS.

or how about this clown, getting triggered by chants of USA, USA!

Keep walking until you get back to Puerto Rico, Luis.


What a surprise our mongrel LABC even played some of it


A few days ago i saw the Churchill bio-pic "The Darkest Hour" and couldn't help but notice the similarities and idiosyncrasies between the great man and Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. All brilliant brains, erratic, great orators and a burning passion for their countries- where oh where is an Australian equivalent? Only one man in the past few years has come close- Tony Abbott- and look what the weak bastards and "fake" patriots did to him!


Donald is just picking up where Bill "can't get enough interns" Clinton left off..

Bill Clinton 1995 State of the Union immigration comments

Puppets say what they are told to say.

Wayne Shaft

A small amount of research will show that the folklore of the Kennedys was a complete Myth total Fake News they were power hungry sex addicts , drug users , and among other things abusers of women, Camelot was a Fake Media Fairytale ! Another thing we have to thank Trump for , it's all true the system is rigged the media IS controlled ! Awake Ye Sheep 🐑.. Awake, time to tune out of the Hypnotic media Matrix !!👊👊👊🦄🦄🦄


Nancy Pelosi has lost her marbles, but then again did she ever have them?


All good news. On President Trump's way out I’m sure someone said “release the memo”!


I knew I'd seen him somewhere before...

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up


Silly, silly me! I was watching a bit of their ABC, Leigh Sayles on 7:30 report. According to their ABC, Trump is lying all the way to the bank. He is struggling to do anything, opinion polls are bad, scandals galore, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and by the way, apparently he was reading his speech off a prompter!
WTF! Obama also read most of his speeches via a prompter! What has that got to do with anything. Apparently it's very significant!

I quickly came to my senses and turned the telly off, otherwise it was going to get a shoe thrown at it!


And young Joe Kennedy III was the perfect example of what happens when you send a boy to do a man's job.

Terrified that a dry mouth would betray his fear, he slathered shiny chap-stick all round his mouth and now the internet is having a field day laughing at him for drooling as he bleats the pathetic Marxist Mantra .... Victim, victim, victim, blah, blah, blah.

If Joe's the best response the Dem's can summon to have Trump quaking in his 'seven league boots', then Trump will continue to take great strides forward into the future with even greater confidence ... and he's taking the nation with him.

I felt a bit sorry for Joe. He's the dumb kid that the tribe shoved out of the cave to go slay a mammoth so they could eat, while they hid in the shadows and whined about being hungry. Armed with a pea-shooter the poor bugger was trampled by the Trump mammoth who hardly noticed the puny thing squirming beneath his feet.

Sadly for us there are no mammoths here ... only packs of dingoes. You'd know them anywhere. Scrawny, flea-bitten yellow dogs that hunt in packs.


And then there was Philip Williams of the ABC.
I fail to understand why a Liberal/National Government continues to provide such generous funding to a public service organisation that continually denigrates the legitimately elected President of the USA.

Michelle Two

Seriously Trump just mentioned he wasn't going to advertise to the enemy the defence strategic plan and Beazley is in the news saying he has changed his tune.. Well no he hasn't he just isn't going to give away what he doesn't want others to know he is keeping the enemy guessing and leaving it up to the defence forces to relay the intelligence about what is going on, on the ground..

A new defence strategy that names China and Russia as emerging threats to international security, replacing Islamic terrorism, “slams backwards’’ Donald Trump’s nat­ionalist agenda and potentially foreshadows a renewed American engagement with the region.

Former defence minister and Australian ambassador to Washington Kim Beazley said the US National Defence Strategy released by the Trump adminis­tration two weeks ago heralded one of the most important shifts in US strategic thinking in decades.

“If you’d asked me a year ago after Trump’s inauguration speech what would a new American ­defence strategy look like, I’d never have given you this answer,’’ he said.

Speaking from the US, Mr Beazley said the strategy turned on its head the oft-stated view that Mr Trump was a nativist president intent on turning his country’s focus inward. Instead, the document foreshadowed a vigorous re-­engagement with the world and a greater reliance on Washington’s traditional alliance structures, something Mr Trump was fam­ously scathing towards.

It also made plain the enormous respect and standing US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has in Mr Trump’s White House, frequently characterised as chaotic and factionalised, even by the standards of US politics. “It’s a pretty forthright reinvigoration of the old American commitment to the global order and the alliances underpinning it, which is at variance with what Trump’s said in the past,” Mr Beazley said.

Up The Workers!

In this Leftard age of SSM, he and his dingbat pal North of the border, Truedope, would make a charming couple.

Four eyes, four ears, four arms, four legs, two mouths and two heads but not the first inkling of the beginnings of a single rudimentary brain cell between them.

I wonder whether Jeremy Corbyn ever did a milk-round in Canada or the U.S.A.?

Up The Workers!

Too true, underminder.

The title:


is an anagram for:


Fair Dinkum!


Kennedy's response "I'm a Cuck i'll Always be a Cuck"

tom dundas

Release the Memo!

Just Thinking

Petulance and politicians seems to be a new dynamic duo.

Maybe its time for those affected by the virus to grow up or get psychiatric help.

Dennis Thompson

From The Australian newspaper today ....


Al Gore’s vision of a dangerous climate ‘tipping point’ has failed to materialise, says a top US business professor.


Next and better is not to turn the TEL LIE VISION on at all!


Because it has largely lurched to the left.


The Dumocrats still imploding over Trumps win....PLEASE let it happen here...I'd love to see Bull Shitten doing a "Pelosi ".

Michelle Two

Good morning xx How are you? I just have a feeling this morning that something is not right not sure what or where the energy is coming from so it maybe energy just passing through see what eventuates through the day and what progresses it may be a world event that is unexpected and bring up fears but also compassion.. I was watching some of the lunar eclipse last night it was bringing in a cool change but the moon was half covered at one stage it brought to mind ying and yang sign as I asked spirit what message to pass on which I drew this morning it will be on FB when I get home as I have done the channel but had to go to work before downloading the photo but the message was "I am Balance" .. you may need grounding as well so go outside at some stage today and breathe in the oxygen from nature and release what doesn't serve you.. I was getting cramps in the souls of my feet when trying to sleep it happens in energy shifts so maybe another earthquake somewhere as mother nature aligns the energy which happened in the eclipse woth earth, sun and moon all in alignment so energy needs anchoring by being grounded.. love and light xx
Have a great day I will do an angel message later. . Love always xx


Donald Trump looked and sounded strong and focused.
Joe Kennedy looked and sounded like a boy sent in to do a man's job. Hard to be imposing though when you have spittle on your mouth.

Michael is right. Oh dear!

Up The Workers!

These Dimocrat Kennedys have always had trouble with "the Chaps" and with their own "galloping gonads".

It was "Chappaquiddick" (and his galloping gonads) which sunk his grandfathers' younger brothers' political career like the Titanic.

All it took was a "Chap-Stick" for this pip-squeek (or could that have been KY Jelly on his lips?).

Up The Workers!

At least Bonking Billy Clinton had the 'decency' to attempt to blame his Polish cigar.

I don't recall him ever publicly displaying himself slobbering and drooling KY Jelly from his mouth and chin, all over the place.

Dimocrats - any dumber, and they'd be A.L.P.

Could have been worse though - he could have coughed-up one of Juliar Gillard's used contact lenses during his S.O.T.U. reply.


I watched the speech live, thought it was terrific! The democrats are so caught up in their own hype and still smarting because Americans elected DT - or perhaps a lot of them wondering/scared if DT would say something about the memo regarding the FBI and DOJ that would out them. Lots of things in DT's speech that translate to Australian politics. Our swamp needs cleaning out too!


WHAT is going on. I subscribe to the Australian,mainly soI can send in comments. So last night I got the usual email,delivered every night showing me the front page of the Australian this morning... Wonderful speech by Mr Trump ect, this morning, no sign of that just telling me it was not as widely watched as Obama. And bless me, a photo of Al Gore.


Lots of great posts on Pelosi’s Twitter account but I especially loved the post by “Jennifer”. It could apply everywhere now.

“When party becomes more important than country it is time to step down. No cause or person is worth the success of this great nation. Your personal beliefs are a danger to this Republic please step down”


You're a bit hard on dingoes aren't you. Hyenas maybe.


Six of the twelve Democrats boycotting President Trump’s SOTU speech are members of the Black Caucus, who were all caught on video embracing one of the most openly hateful racists of our time, Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam.

“These six Congressmen are boycotting Trump’s State of the Union. But they all were Members of the Congressional Black Caucus when Louis Farrakhan came to see them.And former President Barrick Obama was also in attendance.Tells you something,does it not?


Tony Abbott paid the price for trying to drain the Canberra swamp. He was treading on too many toes of all political persuasions. They did not want to lose their corrupt handouts and deals behind closed doors.


What you have said here I agree wholeheartedly
. The boy should have stayed at home.

Ron OKnox

I must say that Joe Three had me shaking my head throughout his response.
I found it very depressing and like someone else mentioned, couldn't hear or see anything that actually seemed in response to POTUS Trump's speech.
It was contrived and clearly written before President Trump's speech was delivered.
I reckon that Joe needs to wake up to the fact that he can't cut it just because he has famous family members.
If that was the best he can do he might be better off looking at a different career path.


Gorillaguerilla our fearless leader is one of y=the swamp creatures.


Meanwhile, in Australia...

Up The Workers!

Does anybody know why this dribbler with the training-wheels gave the speech-in-reply, and not the Second Biggest Crook from Little Rock Arkansas?

Was she suffering from bottle fatigue, or from pills or from various powdered/ingested/injected/inhaled substances, perhaps?

Julie of Geelong

Trump was fantastic - wish he was our PM instead of Mr Trumbull!!!

Also, surely this young Kennedy doesn't think he will be President one day??

He can forget it!!!

Dennis Thompson

A bridge too far?

It runs in the family.

"The Global Serf"


The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is the exact & diametric opposite to "Chairman Malcontent" & Co & his "merry band" & also especially Liebor, that pack of revolting & Un-Australian, pathetic
Wimp-Burger combined & apologetic PC & 18c style of Freedom-Destroying & disgusting Leftard-Leaning absolute grovelers !

Michelle Two

Are you waiting on some information to come through just feeling a bit anxious this afternoon like soul is waiting for news.. not sure where the energy is coming from but earlier felt like ego coming in and wanting to hide so there might be a bit of negative energy rising that may pass through... will call in angelics to help shift it but something must be happening and going to go down so watch for the unexpected..

There were earthquakes in Pakistan and other places around the globe in the last 24hrs so the energy is moving..

"No Need to Worry" message is coming so it may be related to that from the other day but just now I have drawn "Opportunity" so what ever you are waiting on will bring in some opportunities you didn't see coming but you may have been manifesting them so they are on the way open your arms to receive what you asked for pennies from heaven or that information you have been waiting on but if you need financial assistance ask spirit or for help when ever you need it and picture your bank account replenished and having the funds for what you need them for so you don't have to be specific but have what you want in mind to help you out financially as spirit and soul always knows what your are doing and what your needs are but to receive you need to ask the universe is open to you to bring in the opportunities and synchronicity for your needs to be met you help create them with your thoughts, intentions and emotions.. so you are never alone and being gently guided so be at peace and in harmony with the life force of soul and you will never be without what your current needs are so be content with what you have and the rest will come to you. If you only knew how powerful and magnificent the soul is as a united force you would not want for anything for your dreams will come to you in divine time when soul is open and ready to receive... patience is always needed while soul heals and releases all karmic energy no longer needed.. love and light xx

Michelle Two

I think I like these Rick Hale mash ups here is another ..cute clip also..
A dream is a wish your heart makes/Young at Heart

Grey Coat

2 Dennis,

Oh Yes The Bridge !

Chappaquiddick any one remember ? (Mary Joe Kapecknee) *excuse my rotten spelling* (Car goes off bridge etc) ! .... by the way,

"Old Man Joe" Kennedy made his fortune from being for quite a while being the sole importer of Whiskey into the USA....
& Sen. "Teddy" was another of those "Illustrious"
....... Liberal-far Lefty inspired Politicians.

I, vaguely remember a book and exposure of the real "Teddy" called
"Teddy-Bare" & then here's another one, I, Remember about
"The Peanut Farmer" (Carter) on & on it goes, on & on,... now you just don't think in the "Democrats" (so-called) there may be some sort of link here do you ? .....or even (politics in general.)

Some of these "Hero's" spring from (lets say) strange beginnings & money making train, eg "Turncoat" The Banker of Goldman-etc (amongst other things) ie: the guy who brokered a lot of the "Privatisations" of large & former previous assets of Government,across to
The Private Sector... Then, Baird The Banker then, Key (NZ)
...The Banker on & on it goes

Great how a lot of these folks make a lot of the good-stuff....
isn't it !

anyone smell a rat ?

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