Hillary Clinton helps The Grammys take the P15S out of The President
Vale Ron Walker

The ABC empire-builder - Ms Guthrie's global ambitions, funded by you.

Michelle Guthrie to take ABC iView global

ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie.
ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie.

ABC iView is set to go global this year, under plans championed by ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie, who has ambitions for the service to be available as widely as Netflix, which has 109 million customers globally.

The national broadcaster’s plan to recreate a version of the catch-up service for viewers in other countries is well under way, but global copyright issues are yet to be entirely resolved.

Ms Guthrie has set a timetable for a launch this year.

The ABC has declined to comment on the plan to internationalise the service, which launched in 2008, but plans to keep it secret were thrown into disarray when Ms Guthrie talked about them at a media conference.

“The intention is not to have a separate international product, the intention is the internationalise all the products that we have,” Ms Guthrie said. “In the same way Netflix is global, why aren’t we global? That doesn’t mean it will be 100 per cent of the same content. We actually have a lot more rights than we currently exploit.”

Ms Guthrie told the Screen Forever conference in Melbourne at the end of last year that the plan was customer driven. ABC viewers often asked her why they could not access iView overseas.

But the idea fits with her ambitions to internationalise the ABC and push its content out all over the internet. She has been known to quote the statistic that 93 per cent of traffic to the ABC science site comes from overseas.

It is likely that viewers will need to register with the ABC and log in to access the global version of the streaming service. The question of advertising has not been addressed. An ABC spokesman declined to comment.

“I truly believe this is the ABC’s moment,” Ms Guthrie said in previously unreported remarks. “I want the ABC to be as relevant and valued to my children and their children throughout their lives, not just at a point in time, as it has been for me,” she said in a kind of mission statement, before sketching out her iView plans.

But the ABC needs to insure that such a concept is not behind the times. The BBC closed its global iPlayer service in 2015, in favour of making more content available on BBC.com.

The BBC ran into the problem that the digital subscription service in Australian, Canada and Europe threatened its content deals with local pay-TV channels, such as BBC America in the US, and BBC First in Australia.

But the ABC has no such channels after funding for Australian Plus TV service in the Asia-Pacific on a mix of cable, satellite and streaming channels, replaced the Australia Network in 2014.


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Michelle Two

Geez! As if the global market hasn't got enough fake media sites... 😣🤓😲👹

Dennis Thompson

Who is kidding whom?


Let me guess...when it fails miserably, the taxpayer gets to pick up the tab ?


So by "Internationalise", she means spend vast sums of taxpayers money to advertise free content to mugs who would already be watching it for free if it was any good.

And of course, a good deal of those vast sums expended and never to be seen again will find it's way into the bank accounts of her globalist puppet masters.

I find myself developing a begrudging respect for tax dodgers...


Malcolm Turnbull was the Communications Minister in the Abbott Govt and responsible for ABC/SBS/AustPost/NBN. Who is the invisible Communications Minister in the Turnbull Govt.

Do we need ABC & SBS? Why?

Doubtful John

A great idea. Something to fill the vacuum left by Pravda.

Wayne Shaft

My God ! If they go Global on the Taxpayers Tit maybe they believe that they can bring down the greatest American Hero President Donald J Trump ! Like they did with the Real PM Tony Abbott . What a bunch of over payed underworked Political Zealots !! ✍️

Doubtful John

Completely off topic, but Turkey's Erdoğan has recently vowed "to give Afrin back to its real owners" while claiming that "55% of Afrin is composed of Arabs with 35% of Kurds coming there later on". Such language of militarily forced "demographic shift" inside another nation's sovereign territory by the Turkish leadership has gone relatively unreported in major international press.
Imagine if I were Turnbull, engaged in murdering Muslims on the basis that Australia was comprised of mainly Christians with 3.5% of Muslims coming here later on. The left would go berserk. Where is the shrill voice of the left as the Kurds die?

Michelle Two

Mitch Fifield is the chosen one. Who must answer to the ABC for wearing Foxtel paraphernalia who got $30 million of our tax dollars because the government like to support our propaganda machines..

A senior cabinet minister in charge of media is refusing to explain why he accepted a gift from Foxtel days after a major reform bill passed the Senate.

Pressure is growing on Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, who also granted $30 million to Foxtel earlier this year, to reveal why he received cufflinks from the company.

Labor's communications spokeswoman Michelle Rowland said the statement of ministerial standards said ministers should not accept a gift "if it could create an appearance that the minister has been improperly influenced in the performance of their official duties as minister".

"It's up to the Prime Minister and the minister to explain the circumstances surrounding this gift," she said.

A spokesperson for Senator Fifield told ABC News only that "the item was below disclosure threshold requirements but was nevertheless placed on the register for transparency".

The register of interests for the Victorian senator was updated on Friday afternoon with a single line disclosing the gift.

Glen Judo Chop

Fix up the entrenched Lefty bias first. You can't even look after your existing customers (read: donors)why on earth is a global expansion on the cards?



Guthrie and her invisible ABC Board can do whatever they like because they know the Turnbull Govt, Shorten's Labor-Union Party, Socialist Greens Party will allow ABC/SBS to spend billions$ and promote their left agenda while Australian taxpayers will pay up whether they like it or not.


cynical LN

OMG!What a shyster is our current PM, who along with his deputy PM Julia Bishop are showing just how willing they (and their government mates are) to use their position to "shite" on us their supposed underlings.

Bloody shameful. I'll never vote for Liberal again whilst you lying bastards use your position of influence to bring Australia to "it's knees".


ABC news content these days seems to be more focussed on overseas events rather than local happenings. Much of the coverage is of African, Middle Eastern and European events that have little if any relevance to the average
Australian taxpayer who after all funds the ABC. (Plus ,of course, the regular POTUS bash.)

For many years I was a daily listener to ABC news, current affairs and business programs however these days I find I am drifting away and when I do go back I am invariably tuning out before the program or bulletin ends. Has anyone access to survey figures that indicate how Gutherie's management is effecting ratings?

Michelle Two

The Shrill voice of the Left supports these moves it is a part of the depopulation plan.. besides they are too busy trying to bring down Trump before he really gets down to business and he has only been in for 12 months.. it is going to be a long and tiring campaign, just look at how they are still attacking Abbott and he sits on the backbench.. the latest is what when on in the cabinet talking policy and leaking to the ABC to put fear in conservatives by making Tony Abbott look mean by cutting welfare..
One has to laugh at all these tactics to destroy so they are feeling threatened inside the political camps..


Mitch Fifield is just another of the increasing number of Liberal Party professional politicians. Upper North Shore educated, then an Arts degree, then a political staffer. Been nowhere, done nothing and f.....g worthless.

Liz of Vic


I have said for years that the ABC/SBS ae the best propaganda-machine the left has and we are paying for our own downfall.

Turnbull and his consorts are probably encouraging this expansion.


You don’t cater for those paying the bill at home and now you want to give it away overseas. What an absolute overpaid idiot you are Guthrie.

Up The Workers!

Unwatchable Bullshittery is going Global.


Just watch the ratings flatline when EVERYBODY gets an equal opportunity to turn off the A.L.P.B.C. AROUND THE WORLD, just like we have for the last 60 years.

Global presstitution?

Is that even legal?

As an occupational health and safety matter, the A.L.P.B.C, should be forced to supply everybody within range of their signal with condoms for their ears and eyeballs just in case they accidentally see or hear any of their industrial strength codswallop.

Can't wait to hear what international viewers make of such legendary A.L.P. heroes as "Troughman", Wee Doogie Cameron or Bonking Billy Short-One.


Agree. Turnbull needs a march on Canberra, like we did for the no carbon tax rally.


Is that a dog in the race, or is that just her face?

Michelle Two

University's are no longer about learning they now want to be your young adults nanny teaching morals and sex.. they are now dumbing down or teaching new rules along with modest clothing can you see where our government led educator's are heading in changing society to feel guilt and shame about human behaviours.
The young adults don't seem too be impressed by this course or about how they should act in the adult world. Stick figures those who wrote the courses couldn't bring themselves to bring a bit of graphic reality. Lol!!
Being taught by kindergarten mentality teachers or professors.
No wonder teenagers are in steak joints throwing tantrums aboutwhat people eat that was in the protest whining state of Victoria..
In life if you have something to moan about visit Victoria and you can start a government funded hate group as well.. (Shakes head 😂)..

Julie of Geelong

Remember Ms Guthrie it's #ourmoney not yours!!!

Wayne shaft

Their Marxist ABC, the Empire of Drones ! 🐺🐺🐺🐥🐥🐥

Michelle Two

People in class houses shouldn't throw stones Mal on Bill and corruption.. something must be in the air to bring this topic up for public discussion now what could that be, I wonder if the American FBI have been making a few inquiries lately.. it will be interesting to see the media coverage and the chaos this will create as we go into the future.. At the moment the UN is sticking its Human Rights nose into the IBAC ..
Maybe this is a move to get the laws out of our hands and shoved off to the NWO/UN..
Wonder if Bill has a bit of a dirt file Mal seems to be on the defensive, usually a sign of a guilty conscience..
Bill Shorten’s call for a federal independent commission against corruption may be a “shot across the bows” of former leadership rival Anthony Albanese, who has previously opposed the move, according to Malcolm Turnbull.

The Opposition Leader is expected to pledge his support for a federal ICAC at a National Press Club lunch this afternoon.

Mr Turnbull said the government was currently reviewing a Senate committee report on the issue and had not ruled out a federal ICAC.

“There hasn’t been an ICAC set up federally in the past because both sides of politics, and in particular Anthony Albanese’s been strongly against it,” the Prime Minister said.

“I wonder whether Bill’s having a shot across Albo’s bows with that. I will leave the Labor Party political commentary to you guys. But it hasn’t been supported in the past.”

Michelle Two

I just drew the angel messages for today first up "No Need To Worry" so release all doubts you may have at the moment and wait for the next development to occur, it is out of your control so only play your part and release all else you don't need to be drawing unknown fears into your energy at the moment.. Things will turn out as you expected so keep moving forward with your soul plans.. More exciting things are coming in the future so plant the seeds, feed your passions and let the rest fall into place as the divine intended and by the will of those involved by the soul energy they are in all will be revealed to you later.. now is not the time to invite fears but to let them go for the bigger picture is always unfolding if you seek more spiritual knowledge ask the questions and the message, guidance and answers will come to you and up through you.. Soul knows the way keep going forward all is in divine order so let go of any doubts and fears and be at "Peace" Archangel Azrael is around to help you move any energy and to help you heal and release the past.. What you seek is always seeking you.. love and light xx
Yesterday how was your ticker mine was beating so fast when I turned up at work yesterday afternoon it was nearly jumping out of my chest. So maybe more fine tuning of the energy is happening at the moment as the universal portals are opening as we go into the Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse tomorrow which may be why we are seeing so many protestors and chaos going around as fears are being released and coming up as we go into a new cycle of energy, so some doubts may come up for me though it was more like wishing things would move faster and wishing the next chapter was here but soul not ready still so let all doubts about any aspect of life go and continue to plant the seeds and let them go into what you wish to manifest and you will make it home when it is time.. love you always xx

Michelle Two

Just listening to the news on the radio on the way down to work they were talking about asylum seekers I am just wondering why our security information is being leaked to the ABC and why are they reporting on behind the scenes cabinet talk of the liberal party when Tony Abbott was in power??
Turnbull is up to something conscerning our security systems within government..

Dennis Thompson

Comment from JoNova Science website ...

This is why I am ashamed. So called “Leaders” (Julie Bishop) of this amazing country betraying their people and deliberately working towards the destruction of the Australian. Been here 11 years and experienced this destruction escalating exponentially. Read “A SUMMARY OF BETRAYAL” by Graham Williamson and weep.


The 2030 Agenda: Australian Government invites the UN to control our rights, laws, freedoms, private property, energy use, & life style

The UN, having spent more than half a $trillion in 70 years, is an undemocratic, unaccountable international policeman that is in the business of inventing ‘global problems’ which can only be ‘solved’ by a transfer of power and money from nation states to the UN. It has been elevated to this status by cooperative national governments. As noted by Peter Faris QC, thanks to the eager cooperation of successive Australian governments “laws are imported (as some sort of universal truths) from the UN.”

On 27th September 2015 the UN continued their campaign of global control and undemocratic interference in the affairs of nations around the world with their ‘Transforming Our World‘ 2030 SDG agenda which was signed by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on behalf of all Australians. With a predicted annual price tag of $2-3 trillion, the agenda is to be sold to the people as ‘voluntary’, although the people will be given no choice, and essential provisions will be undemocratically enforced by national governments. Although both major Parties refused to mention this during the recent election campaign, implementation of this undemocratic bipartisan supported agenda commenced in Australia on 1st January 2016.

The 2030 agenda is a UN driven “master plan” or “roadmap to global socialism” aimed at controlling the planet, including so called ‘climate change’, and the life styles and energy consumption of all people and all countries. Their 15 year goals include:

Redistributing the wealth of Australia and other Western nations, under the control of the UN, to poorer countries, especially impoverished dictatorships, around the world. According to the 2030 Agenda, ‘poverty’ can only be addressed by undemocratically giving money and power to the UN.

The COP21 Paris climate change agreement, comprising SDG 13, is just one part of the 2030 Agenda. The UN version of climate change though, is about global power and money. As UNFCCC chief Christiana Figueres pointed out, the aim of the UN is to bring about a “centralized transformation“… “one that is going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different.” Figueres continues: “global society, is moving to the point where we are going to need more and more global governance muscle… Climate change is only the first of the major, major planetary challenges that we are being given, almost as a playground… to go into that playground and exercise our global governance capacity”

Controlling lifestyles, energy use, and consumption by defining which activities are accepted by the UN as being ‘sustainable’. Only the UN can control ‘sustainability’.

Controlling education around the globe to ensure all children become activists promoting the UN sustainability agenda.

Moving towards global enforcement by developing global monitoring, accountability mechanisms, and surveillance systems so “no one is left behind”.

The UN 2030 agenda is completely open ended, stating no total costs, and stating no limits as far as loss of sovereignty and enforcement mechanisms are concerned.

The people have been betrayed. The 2030 Agenda is all about betrayal, UN control, and global socialism, and expanding global law. The United Nations has “conned governments, citizens andbusiness into adopting the 2030 Agenda“, but “business does not understand” that it will destroy “Capitalism and Free Enterprise.” And all this has been made possible by the Australian government, and governments of other ‘democratic’ countries, who invite the UN to interfere in the domestic affairs of their respective countries WITHOUT the democratic approval of the people.

The choice is clear: do you want UN control and interference, or do you want democracy, freedom and prosperity? Should our destiny be decided by us, or by the dictators that comprise the UN? Do you want democratic Australian laws, or foreign laws dictated by the UN?

Up The Workers!

Bull Shitten, Leader of the Australian LIARS' Party has just announced that if his Party lies and cheats its way back to the Misgovernment Benches in Canberra, he will immediately instal an I.B.A.C. to "STOP ALL FUTURE CORRUPTION" (You There! Stop Laughing!).


Impulsive Bullshittery About Corruption?, or
I Bought A.L.P. Cheaply?, or
Incredibly Bent A.L.P. Corruptocrats?, or
I'm Blind to A.L.P. Corruption?, or
I Befriend A.L.P. Crooks?, or
I'm Beholden to A.L.P. Crooks?, or
Impunity Befits A.L.P. Corruption?, or
Inducements Buy A.L.P. Corruption?, or
I was Bought by A.L.P. Cheaply?, or
Improbable Blindness at Ashtons' Circus?, or
Inactive Bumblers at Ashtons' Circus?, or
Invisible Black Apex?, or...

whatever Bull Shitten and the rank and vile members of his LIARS Party want it to mean, from one minute to the next.

Up The Workers!

Perhaps Bull Shitten, Leader of the Australian LIARS' Party could demonstrate that his shameless bloviating for the gushing Party presstitutes about I.B.A.C., is NOT just "Impressive Bullshittery About Corruption", by paying back the WHOLE $20 MILLION (plus interest) that his criminal SCAB of a former Party Federal President, Mike Williamson, embezzled from the pockets of the lowest-paid Unionists in Australia, and never, ever had the decency to pay back.

Given that they constantly gillard us all that they are allegedly the "wukkas" Pardy, you'd reckon that sheer shame and embarrassment might have forced battlers' buddy Bull Shitten to mortgage his homes and sell his beach houses, rental flats, commercial investments, shares and maybe empty a few top-shelf biscuit-tins and long-sealed brown paper bags (the Chiquita Mushrooms, Unibuilt Constructions and Cleanevent E.B.A. ones come specifically to mind here) to raise the loot to repay all that stolen cash, but no - our heroically non-corrupt Bull Shitten just couldn't be bloody bothered.

No doubt Bonking Billy's Canberra I.B.A.C. will be staffed by the same "scrupulously Independent" sheltered workshop of bigoted A.L.P. "little maaates" as populate the A.L.P.B.C.'s $2 Billion per annum payroll, as well as the similarly diverse "Fair Work Commission", and any other tribunal or taxpayer-funded Q.A.N.G.O. they are associated with.

The one thing you can be assured of - if it is being set up by the A.L.P., the people on it will certainly all be leading experts in the field of CORRUPTION - in one way or another!


My God, one would never be late for work would one?

Wayne shaft

Exactly ! Twenty three free to air Channels Pay TV 📺 Netflix internet .. A National taxpayer funded Broadcaster more out of date than Flared Pants 👖 or no Sex before Marriage ! But their ABC is more than just a Broadcaster it's Twenty Four Seven Leftist Brainwashing . 💩💩💩🎃🎃🎃👎👎👎

Michelle Two

I told you the little dictator was up to something to do with our security system.. this will put his media moguls up in arms one would think but then they will make money if they only print propaganda the government approves of..

Proposed laws cracking down on foreign interference and espionage could "criminalise" journalism and whistleblowing with penalties of up to 20 years' jail, a parliamentary inquiry has heard.

The Turnbull government last year announced legislation tackling what it said was a growing threat of foreign states trying to influence Australia's political landscape, which included beefing up secrecy laws.

Appearing at a parliamentary committee, Paul Murphy, chief of journalists' union Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, said proposed changes to secrecy laws could have a "chilling effect" on stories which rely on leaked documents.

He said more than a dozen outlets which co-authored a submission including Fairfax Media, News Corp Australia and AAP strongly opposed the "extraordinarily heavy" penalties.

"It criminalises journalism. The bill increasingly criminalises the brave people who come forward as whistleblowers who bring material to journalists for public interest reports," Mr Murphy said.

Universities are also railing against the draft laws, arguing important research could be stymied.

Universities Australia acting chief executive Catriona Jackson said collaborations with international academics and funding sources would be under threat if the draft legislation passed.

Michelle Two

My other comment about what is the ABC doing with leaked material from inside of cabinet and making news stories out of it, all about the agenda that is just unfolding about making journalists criminals if they are printing stories that go against the governments agenda... This man better be stopped from the inside as he will be working with haste to get as many laws past that will work against humanity and Australians before he is pushed out but that isn't his intention..


Cyn JB is not the deputy PM Barnaby is


To do this She'll have her hand out for another Billion


ABC= Another Bloody Centrelink.


What an insufferable individual Bill Shorten is.

Wayne shaft

And the controlled media serve up ... Bernard Tomic in I'm a celebrity get me out of here . 💩💩💩🐑🐑🐑

Michelle Two

You see why the ABC are going Global and are working in tandem with Turnbull (his mate and capitalist cronyism is alive and well in the Mal world his mates are on the boards of the ABC) but if the ABC goes Global that means they are within the new laws that are in "Draft" mode so they are preparing to protect their reporters and journalists.. A lot of the ABC content is now outsourced anyway to overseas media outlets so this is just the next step for the New World Order and all souls getting the same propaganda from the media outlets so all news channels and internet they will be intending to censor and bring in the lies and illusions of their agenda..
So the brainwashing belief systems.. Souls always have a choice to turn off that propaganda and they have been doing that in droves as all media content doesn't resonate with a higher soul consciousness as souls are being turned off by all the chaos, negativity and drama that is being shown..
So if they want to know something they will research it themselves and reach their own conclusions by their own understanding by what they see going on around them.. so it is a push back of energy where authorities have no authority over you and are not trusted to look after your welfare which is where learning to manifest comes in as you don't need others to fulfill your needs because when not in ego you are not always searching for what you need as you are at peace and content within yourself that you have all your needs met for what you need now and you have faith with what it is you can't see because you always find your answers and your needs are being met anyway..


Interesting to read Bishop signing Australia down the drain to 2030 Agenda.
One can comprehend now why Abbott was removed, he was a thorn in their side. So sad the 54 bedwetters were so sheep like to give these mongrel permission to destroy the country of freedom.

Michelle Two

"Class and glass houses" that is as it is the political elite making society about us and them and it is corruption that sets it apart by those that are not being held to account for the obvious corruption that has been pointed out to them by whistle blowers, Michael Smith, and many other souls that are exposing the truth and have been since about the 1960's.. when winning power was all that mattered to bring in the NWO rules..

Michelle Two

Time to herd the cows/bulls in as there is a bit of bullshit going down at the ABC headquarters so no one gets the blame for the leaking of documents and cabinet papers the source of the information they "CHOSE with freewill" to publish as news was brought at a second hand shop.. flat out deceit that is, it was done on purpose someone would of made a nice profit.. such professional offices do not treat there documents in that manner, anyone who has ever worked in administration would attest to the rigorous and rules regarding such confidential documents.. They are blaming the AFP for misplacing files I smell a big rat and once again it has to do with our "Security systems" and Turnbull bringing in the Homeland (deep state) system..

Hundreds of Cabinet documents spanning across five governments were obtained by the ABC after two filing cabinets were sold at a second-hand shop in the nation’s capital, according to the public broadcaster.

Cabinet papers are usually not publicly released until 20 years after their production.

After three days of Cabinet stories from the days of the Abbott and Rudd governments, the ABC has revealed how it acquired the thousands of pages worth of documents, most of them classified, some “top secret” and others meant for Australian eyes only.

The locked filing cabinets were purchased at a shop selling ex-government furniture and opened months later with a drill.

“The ex-government furniture sale was not limited to Australians — anyone could make a purchase,” the ABC reports. “And had they been inclined, there was nothing stopping them handing the contents to a foreign agent or government.”

“They (the filing cabinets) were sold off cheaply because they were heavy and no-one could find the keys. A nifty person drilled the locks and uncovered the trove of documents inside.”

The ABC says the Cabinet files reveal the Australian Federal Police lost national security documents in five years and top-secret code word protected and sensitive documents were left in Penny Wong’s office after Labor lost the 2013 election.

Hundreds of Cabinet documents spanning across five governments were obtained by the ABC after two filing cabinets were sold at a second-hand shop in the nation’s capital, according to the public broadcaster.

Cabinet papers are usually not publicly released until 20 years after their production.

After three days of Cabinet stories from the days of the Abbott and Rudd governments, the ABC has revealed how it acquired the thousands of pages worth of documents, most of them classified, some “top secret” and others meant for Australian eyes only.

The locked filing cabinets were purchased at a shop selling ex-government furniture and opened months later with a drill.

“The ex-government furniture sale was not limited to Australians — anyone could make a purchase,” the ABC reports. “And had they been inclined, there was nothing stopping them handing the contents to a foreign agent or government.”

“They (the filing cabinets) were sold off cheaply because they were heavy and no-one could find the keys. A nifty person drilled the locks and uncovered the trove of documents inside.”

The ABC says the Cabinet files reveal the Australian Federal Police lost national security documents in five years and top-secret code word protected and sensitive documents were left in Penny Wong’s office after Labor lost the 2013 election.

Dennis Thompson

"I will not stand for socialism masquerading as environmentalism".

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Michelle Two

Trump just said we will no longer tell the enemies our plans and here is our PM giving them to them in a filing cabinet a top bureacrat said they would of come out of his office, it must of been when he want to do a cleansing of anything Tony Abbott.. no name is given as to who the buyer was (if there is one) a self examination is coming up .. talk about how to create your opportunities..

Cabinet papers are usually not publicly released until 20 years after their production.

But the ABC has uncovered thousands of documents, some classified "top secret", covering five governments over a decade.

The filing cabinets sat unopened for some months in the home of the buyer who eventually decided to drill them open.

The ABC said on Wednesday the cabinets had been sold at a second-hand shop which stocked ex-government furniture and were cheap because they were locked and came without keys.

A Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet spokesperson said the secretary had initiated an urgent investigation into the disposal of the filing cabinets.

Experts suggested to AAP the filing cabinets could have only come from one of two departments - Finance and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) - and would have been the responsibility of either a minister or a very senior bureaucrat.

One document points to an audit showing the Australian Federal Police lost almost 400 national security files over five years.

The loss of the documents, which had been through the national security committee of cabinet between 2008 and 2013, was uncovered in an audit by the DPMC.

The papers also included a document that stated 195 top-secret codeword-protected and sensitive documents had been left in the office of former Labor government minister Penny Wong when Labor lost the 2013 election.

The documents which were left in the office - but not included in the old filing cabinets - included Middle East defence plans, national security briefs, Afghan war updates, intelligence on Australia's neighbours and details of counter-terrorism operations.

Michelle Two

This paragraph here tells me they knew what was in the cabinet and what wasn't unless those folders were removed which would in itself be very telling as to who left them out where the ABC could get a hold of them..
The truth is going to come out as it would of been someone they knew the files were in the cabinet and they are associated with the ABC so the press gallery got a tip off..

Keep in mind in government departments including schools keep archives and they are done yearly and stored in yearly increments.. In parliament with such tight security this is not just a little Oopsie! this was a manipulated move to create opportunities and to also damage the former Prime Ministers, notice no stories about Julia Gillard got out of the cabinet Rudd and Abbott made the ABC headlines one would have to look at their other stories to see how long they have had them, the photocopier must of been busy in that time and the boardroom and staff meeting on what to publish ..

"The documents which were left in the office - but not included in the old filing cabinets - included Middle East defence plans, national security briefs, Afghan war updates, intelligence on Australia's neighbours and details of counter-terrorism operations."

Back in Nov 2017 they were talking about cabinet leaks and doing investigations this would be connected to the story of yesterday and covering of arses within the House..
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's calls for an investigation into Cabinet leaks is indicative of a government "eating itself", according to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.
Key points:

Julie Bishop calls for an investigation into Cabinet leaks
PM says he takes security of discussions "very, very seriously"
Bill Shorten says the leak shows the Government is "eating itself"

Ms Bishop said she supported a formal investigation, after reports in the Daily Telegraph earlier this week suggesting Cabinet had discussed scrapping its fervent opposition to a banking royal commission.

She said a strong message needed to be sent that leaking is "unacceptable", and reminded colleagues it was a criminal offence.

But this evening she told the ABC's 7.30 program it was up to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to decide whether to hold an investigation.

"That's a matter for the Prime Minister," she said.

"Successive governments have held formal investigations.

"I recall the Labor Government having an Federal Police inquiry into leaks."

Mr Shorten argued that was an "astonishing" admission by the deputy Liberal leader.

"But what is even more astonishing is that Julie Bishop has chosen to call for an investigation into her colleagues," he said.

Michelle Two

Here is the former CNN reporter that is the ABC News Director..
A comrade must of needed a job and he got to come down under..
October 2015 he must of been appointed to this position but he has been at the sheltered workshop since 2008, this story is Jan 8 2016 so two years ago..

Gaven Morris, the ABC's recently appointed director of news, has some sage words for anyone expecting the broadcaster to drop all that lefty "bias" of which it has been accused now he's overseeing things.

"I think the point where politicians or corporations or the powerful stop calling the ABC biased is the point where we're not probably doing our job," he says. "They call it bias but I call it independence. It's the job we were put here to do."

Morris, 43, was appointed director of news in October, following the departure of Kate Torney to head the State Library of Victoria. And while it would be wrong to say he was accepting a poisoned chalice – his is surely one of the biggest and best jobs going in Australian journalism – there's no doubt the position comes with a very special set of challenges.

The past couple of years have seen the broadcaster subjected to loud and persistent accusations of bias from various figures in the federal government and from conservative commentators outside it. It has weathered internal reviews (six since January 2014, not all of their findings favourable) and external examinations by the Australian Communications and Media Authority into its newsgathering practices, and endured a public scolding over the Zaky Mallah incident on Q&A.

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