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The perjury case against GILLARD

Victoria Police's "Operation Tendement" investigation file includes a copy of this 13 October 2012 article written by Mark Baker and published in The Age.

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Mark Baker's source for that article was former Slater and Gordon partner Nick Styant Browne.

Nick Styant Browne has confirmed to me that the factual assertions in The Age article regarding Gillard's letter to the WA Corporate Affairs authority are correct.

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In August/September 1995 Nick saw both the file and GILLARD's letter to the WA Office of State Corporate Affairs.

He made notes and retained recordings of what he saw and what was discussed with Gillard.

On 15 September 1995 Slater and Gordon placed the file in safekeeping under lock and key.

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On 13 October 2012 the Baker article was published.


Further articles were published in November 2012.

On 29 November 2012 Gillard responded publicly.

She instructed her spokesman John McTernan to issue a statement on her behalf:

So, the Prime Minister wrote to the WA Commissioner? So what? She did what lawyers do. Act on instruction. Provide legal advice. 

So, the Prime Minister can't remember writing one letter from 20 years ago. So what? Lawyers write thousands of letters in their careers. 

And what does the transcript show? That the PM said the association wasn't a union. So what? It obviously wasn’t.

In fact, the unredacted transcript backs up what the Prime Minister has been saying.

The transcript supports the Prime Minister’s account that she had nothing to do with the Association once it was incorporated.

The transcript also supports the Prime Minister’s account that she didn’t have anything to do with setting up bank accounts operated by the Association.

The Opposition’s central claim goes to the Prime Minister’s knowledge of alleged fraud. The unredacted transcript shows those claims to be empty and false.

It is worth restating that any correspondence in this matter would have been received or sent in Julia Gillard’s capacity as a lawyer acting on instructions. As the Prime Minister has noted, the application to incorporate the Association was lodged by its office bearer, Mr Ralph Blewitt. The decision to incorporate the Association was made by the WA Commissioner of Corporate Affairs.

The Prime Minister has not done anything wrong.


However she also wrote personally to the CEO of Fairfax, Greg Hywood.

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In the Hywood letter Gillard acknowledges "the response that I prepared" to the "Commission" (sic).

On 11 September 1995 that "response that I prepared" was on the table in front of her during her Exit Interview with Peter Gordon.

She confirmed to Gordon that the last action taken by Slater and Gordon prior to incorporation was the letter to the WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner - a letter which Nick Styant Browne tells us "affirmed the association would be devoted to workplace safety".

That means Gillard knew it wasn't a run-of-the-mill re-election payroll deduction fund.

The contents of that letter show she was a party to the Wilson conspiracy.

Her subsequent false denials of knowledge about Wilson's criminality help to prove her own guilty mind.

And given that she'd refreshed her memory in November 2012 about the matter (as she sets out in her own words in the letter to Greg Hywood) - it will be difficult for her to argue that her perjury to the Trade Union Royal Commission was the result of faulty recollections or memory loss.

The AWU WRA wasn't incorporated as a result of the forgeries GILLARD gave evidence about to the TURC.

GILLARD's perjury trial will hear evidence from former corporate affairs officials who recall the file being referred to the Minister for review of the Commissioner's decision to refuse incorporation.

The application for ministerial review included a letter to the Commissioner vouching for the legitimacy of the AWU WRA,  "arguing the case for incorporation" and "affirming the association would be devoted to workplace safety".

That letter bore one and only one signature.

Julie Eileen GILLARD.

Every touch leaves its trace.


GILLARD knew these documents were forgeries when she gave sworn evidence to the TURC.

The letter from Ms Gillard to Ralph Blewitt:

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Which enclosed this forged letter, purportedly from Ray Neal to Ms Gillard.

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Bruce Wilson is the sole source for these letters.  He gave evidence to the TURC about the circumstances through which he "discovered" them.

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GILLARD could have sided with the truth - but that risked exposing her arguments in favour of incorporation and her affirmation that the AWU WRA would do exactly what the OBJECTS OF THE ASSOCIATION she'd drafted said it would do - pretend to be a workplace safety organisation so it could issue invoices to get money out of Thiess.

So she chose to lie.

Just like she did when confronted with Athol James the builder's evidence about the wads of cash from Bruce that paid for her renovations.

GILLARD remains at large.  But you have my word that a court of competent jurisdiction will soon decide how long she'll stay there.