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Undergraduate pamphleteering as news on Melbourne's black crime gangs - from the ABC

It's way past time for the ABC to be put back in its box.

It does what it wants when it wants to.

It's forgotten who it works for.

It's like a 30 year old metrosexual living at home and bludging off its working parents for everything.

At some point mums and dads say "What do you do all day while I'm working?" 

We're way past that point.

The ABC is metastasising into something very different from what it was set up to do.

We needed a taxpayer funded organisation to build a national broadcasting network.

No one else would do it.

Do we need a taxpayer funded online opinion and social-justice-warrior behemoth?

This is Richard Willingham's ABC bio:

Richard Willingham is Victoria's state political reporter in Melbourne. He joined the ABC in 2017 after seven years covering Victorian and federal politics at The Age. He can be found on Twitter at @rwillingham.

His working life started when Gillard rolled Rudd in 2010.

He's never seen a balanced budget, a stable government or a prime minister who served a full term.

Yet the ABC publishes Richard's thoughts and feelings under the heading "Analysis".

Not opinion.  

Not commentary.  

This is the ABC's analysis of the forces at play in Melbourne's African gang crisis - courtesy of its in-house expert, Richard.

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Target? Peter Dutton.

Richard begins acknowledging there is a problem with young Sudanese crooks, BUT:

But it is not new, nor is it at epidemic levels that Melbourne's streets are over run with lawlessness, despite a reported crime spree in the western suburbs on Thursday night.

He's right - it's not new.  That's the point.  

Victorians have been suffering at the hands and machetes of Sudanese crime gangs for at least 5 years.

All the while they've been lied to by politicians, the parole board, journalists and police who pretended there was no problem.

That's the problem.  

But not for Richard and the ABC. 

To the Social Justice ABC Warriors, the villains are politicians who call a spade a spade.

Real victims in Victoria have had a gutful of these imported crooks - and they've lost confidence in police and media who tell them the gangs didn't exist.

The Apex gang rates an entry in Wikipedia:

Apex is a street gang in MelbourneAustralia. It was formed in 2012. The founding members were part of Victoria's South Sudanese community. Associated with violent car-jackings and burglaries, Apex came to prominence in the national media after a brawl in Melbourne's Central Business District between it and the rival Islander 23 gang in March 2016 after the Moomba parade. 

They're vicious thugs who've imported a foreign culture of violence to Melbourne.

Victims of home invasion don't tell the psych, "I'm here about my encounter with the over-representation of a particularly disadvantaged group within the youth justice system".

The ABC's "analysis" of the problem proceeds without the victims.  

Victims don't count.  And they're imagining things anyway according to the ABC.

The "analysis" tells us Melbourne's streets are not overrun with lawlessness at "epidemic levels", whatever that means.

The bigger problem for the ABC is hurting the feelings of the crooks.

Richard boils it down:

Basically, cheap political fearmongering seen from our political leaders is not going to help.

The problem is complex and has several fronts. The main two being dealing with the thuggish offenders now and long-term action to stop others falling into a culture of criminality.

We paid the ABC for that?

We need to deal with offenders now - and try to stop offenders in the future.

Thanks Richard.

What would we do without you?