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President Trump calls on US Justice Department to act over Clinton email servers

Victoria Police back-flip on African crime gangs - turns out they were there the whole time, the police just couldn't see them

One week ago there were no gangs and no African crime problem.

Anyone who spoke about "gangs" was doing the crime-fighting cause great harm.


A miracle!

There was a gang problem after all - and the Andrews/CFMEU government has been toiling away in lock-step with the greatest police force known to gang-crime-fighting to defeat it.

This is what it looks like when spin-doctoring and grovelling to politicians supplants leadership.

A weak, insipid, discredited bunch of weasel-word-spouting flakes whose word cannot be trusted.


Victoria Police Minister, Acting Commissioner admits African criminal gang problem

Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville, right, and acting Chief Commissioner of Police Shane Patton hold a press conference regarding African youth crime in Melbourne today. Picture: AAP
Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville, right, and acting Chief Commissioner of Police Shane Patton hold a press conference regarding African youth crime in Melbourne today. Picture: AAP
  • The Australian

Victorian Police have said they are targeting African “street gangs” as they take a new, harder line approach cracking down on thugs running out of control and terrorising residents in the Melbourne’s suburbs.

Acting Commissioner Shane Patton has labelled a string of violent crimes throughout December as the work of African “street gangs” which the police force has been working for more than two years to get under control.

“These young thugs, because that’s what they are . are not an organised crime group like a Middle Eastern organised crime group or an outlaw motorcycle gang ... but they’re behaving like street gangs, so let’s call them that,” Mr Patton said.

“They’re acting like street gangs, we acknowledge that and we acknowledge that there is an issue.”

The announcement represents a sharp departure for Victoria Police and the Andrews government, which has consistently refused to label a violent crime wave gripping some parts of Melbourne as an African crime problem.

It comes the day after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull slammed the Andrews government for its failure to tackle lawlessness and gang violence throughout Melbourne, and accused the Premier of lacking “the political leadership and determination.”

Today, Mr Patton and Police Minister Lisa Neville vowed to lock up gang members and violent offenders, and said more arrests would occur.

“We are in the arrest business. I don’t shy away from that and our police don’t shy away from that,” Mr Patton said.

“We will target them, we will continue to lock them up and do what the community wants us to do.”

Ms Neville said the crimes were being committed by a small “core group” of young Africans.

“This is a small but core group ... that’s causing huge fear. It’s inappropriate and unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” she said.

The pledge comes at the end of a month in which the city has been rocked by a string of high profile, violent attacks including a mugging rampage at St Kilda Beach and the brutal bashing of a policeman in a crowded shopping centre.

St Kilda residents and beachgoers were terrorised on December 13 when a series of African gang members converged on the esplanade, where they robbed and bashed dozens of beachgoers as they moved along the beach.

Later on, the groups descended on a local McDonalds where they threw furniture at the windows and broke into more fighting.

On Boxing Day, a police officer was left traumatised and suffering serious facial and head bruising after being kicked in the face while kneeling to arrest a young shoplifter.

Just before Christmas, Victoria Police were forced to call in the state’s riot squad to break up an out of control house party in Wyndham, after police were pelted with rocks and iron bars while attempting to disperse party goers.

So far, Victoria Police have arrested two thugs this month but say more arrests are coming.

Mr Patton denied that they had witnessed an escalation within the past month.

“There’s a common misconception that Victoria Police does not and has not acknowledged that its an issue. That is incorrect,” Mr Patton said.

“We have for a significant period of time acknowledged that there is an issue with the overrepresentation by African youth with serious and violent offending and public disorder issues.”

Victorian federal MP Jason Wood said the admission was coming too late, and that the problem had been allowed to spiral out of control because of the police’s reluctance to publicly identify the issue earlier.

“It’s a good step in the right direction to finally call it out for what it is, but its two years too late,” Mr Wood said.

“And in the meantime — because the government wouldn’t admit to it — there’s been no early intervention and not enough youth workers because the government and Victoria Police wouldn’t say that a gang problem in the African community existed.”

Mr Wood, lead a parliamentary inquiry into migrant settlement outcomes, following a spate of vicious home invasions in his electorate on the outskirts of Melbourne.

He said residents were living in near constant fear of going out after dark, and some homes attacked three times within eighteen months.

“You’ve got kids who are terrified and sleeping with their parents because their doors have been kicked in once, twice in a year by these teens who are after the house keys and car keys,” he said.

“My community is sick of home invasions from African gangs but the state government and the police just wouldn’t say it was an issue. But thankfully, they’re slowly heading in the right direction.”


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Just lone wolfs in a gang? Or maybe to the boss people they all look the same, so think it is just one.
The cops on the street know though.There'll come a day.


"A weak, insipid, discredited bunch of weasel-word-spouting flakes whose word cannot be trusted".

And you trusted this character? -,7722



Happy New Year, Michael.

VicState Premier Daniel Andrews, Police Minister Lisa Neville & Vic State Attorney General, Martin Pakula - have allowed the out-of-control violence & lawlessness to flourish, while Victorians are living in fear for their safety.

Sudanese born Mr Yao has the courage to identify the problem which the Vic State Govt has refused to acknowledge.

VicPremier Andrews, Lisa Neville & Martin Pakula - here is what is in store for VicPol. There is no room for political correctness/socialist left agenda which eventually leads to anarchy.

Bill Edwards

Each time I fill this box the text escapes.
Can you please send me your email and I will comment.
There are clear paralells between the Melbourne issues and occurrences in other tribal societies such as PNG Highlands (where they were sorted out to the benefit of all parties).
Bill Edwards


It's time to start saying NO to all those Countries who dump their dregs onto us.

There's plenty of work to be done there, have a nice trip.

Antoine D'Arche

usual story, deny there is a problem until the denial looks stupid enough for long enough....
deport the entire family - parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, uncles/ aunts - of every single offender that is convicted.
That is the only pressure that these cultures will respond to.
"Youth workers" - what a joke and an absolute waste of money. Take a hard line on a few and watch the rest fall into line.

Mike G

Andrews wont do anything other than spin. There was a woman assaulted near where I live. The African male pushed her to the ground and stole her bag. This is in a main street at 6 PM on a Saturday.
This incident has not been reported in the media nor on the police website.
Perhaps Andrews and his tame police chiefs solution is to hide such incidents from the public.
I don't believe Turnbull will do anything he's just acting on his PR advisors requests to appear to be electable hence the recent feel good media for the last month or more.


This is the result of being too 'PC'. Don't admit to a problem that involves refugees, Africans, muslims, or even the very rare, (ahem), cases of blatent misreporting by 'their ABC'.

If you never recognize that a problem exists, it will always inevitably get worse. This applies to so many problems that plague Australia, and many other countries these days. The PC brigade have hijacked common sense, and the limp-wristed politicians are too scared to act!

Meanwhile, innocent law-abiding Australians pay the penalty. Keep your cricket bats, baseball bats or golf clubs at the ready folks. Unfortunately, I think we might need them in the near future.

Wayne shaft

Taliking about Backflips ...Just how Hopeless 😩 is Mr Turncoat ?? Let's Keating Flush him out on the Republic , Opens the door 🚪 For Labor to run hard on the issue , and then shuts up shop and says No Republic in this Term !! 😳😳😳
I oppose a Bullshit UN Republic ! FFS what's good is a Australian Republic when we're increasing being " Overseen " by these UN Elitist Monkeys 🐒? But mark my words by the time the next election comes mr Turncoat will be fully on board with a
Referendum on the Republic ! It's the Way of the Worm 🐛.

Jeff of FNQ

But it's "a “tiny little number” of youths were breaking the law" according to one African community leader. WRONG!

Latest report from the HeraldSun:

As police label Melbourne’s out-of-control African teen thugs “street gangs” and vow to lock up dangerous and violent offenders, leaders from the African community have hit back at criticism by Malcolm Turnbull that Victoria is facing a “gang violence” issue.

African leaders say the Prime Minister should “man up” and support the community rather than passing the blame.

South Sudanese community spokesman Richard Deng said the African community should not be used as a political tool to win elections.

“The Prime Minister needs to man up and support the African community,” he said.

Mr Deng denied Melbourne was tackling an African gang issue, instead saying that a “tiny little number” of youths were breaking the law.

“Targeting a small community just because of that 1 per cent who are committing crime is not the right thing to do,” he said.

“It upsets them and does more harm,” he said.

Mr Deng praised the work of Victoria Police in supporting the community and disputed claims they were not doing enough to tackle the scourge of youth crime.

The community leader said he met with local police members at Ecoville Park in Tarneit yesterday to discuss how best to stop groups of young men congregating in the area and terrorising locals.

He said the meeting had not been planned prior to Mr Turnbull making his comments.

Mr Deng also took aim at comments made by Nelly Yoa, a prominent young south Sudanese man who said he was “in disbelief when police said gangs don’t exist”.


It's a awakening....all it needed was for the acting Commissioner and the Minister to realise they were about to be tarred and feathered by the long suffering community !


We fend for ourselves until it's election year.

This is exactly why every year should be election year. Any year it isn't they just feed us garbage.

African's should be rounded up and relocated back to Africa, we don't need them and they breed like rabbits.

Julie of Geelong

Michael, I find it really curious that they are now saying it's "Gang related" after some Victorian Labor MP's are now worried about a backlash at the election in November!!!

Don't you thinks it's a little bit sus??

The very attractive (not) Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville is now back tracking!!


Let me guess - the police and government sat down and decreed a 2018 New Year's resolution. This year, they will start telling the public the truth - well, maybe not all the truth, just a little.


Lisa and the police had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the obvious. Shame on what has been staring them in the face for ages. Lisa is a dropkick who couldn’t care less for the well being of the community in Victoria and only because the msm has kept on about the problems in Tarneit and jewellers’ shops etc, has she done anything. Shame on her and Labor.

Rob greer

It's bloody crook when it is determined necessary to point out which is which ... "Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville, right, and acting Chief Commissioner of Police Shane Patton hold a press conference regarding African youth crime in Melbourne today. Picture: AAP"

Dave Alexander

Caught out in misleading the Victorian public! Not only should the police com and police minister resign, the whole government itself has lost its credability and should call an election now and not later in the year.

Political speedbump

Its a fully understandable physiological issue Michael , its typicaly impossible to sight anything when the human head has been inserted past the eyeballs inside a opaque vessel ....say like ones own rectum.

Its a tad similar here on the Central coast where special operations goggles have been issued that allow for narrow limited vision of officers .This ensures police only notice offences that attract revenue , but are able to prevent police from noticing the social crime and thuggery happening nearby which has no financial or media upside .



The African crime problem is only on the radar now because it is a State election year in Victoria and ALP scum politicians are concerned that the law and order problem with the Africans may negatively impact their re-election chances.

The latest event on New Years Day may have precipitated the pollie back flip with triple somersault and full pike...

...23yo father of five who worked in construction and whose criminal history included assaults and driving offences gets killed in Maximum Security prison unit at Port Phillip Prison.

Given how much they breed, Australia will rue letting in so many from Africa. We will, in time, have the same problem that America has with African-Americans.

The African demographic timebomb will become a major Government welfare black hole and social and community disaster with teen pregnancies and mischief escalating into crime and violence. These are the very kind of multi-generational problems that have manifested in and degraded US black communities and then spread their damage to the wider US society.

"Several of her 10 children were playing in the salon"

"I have a big family; I have six sisters and two brothers,"


Victoria has, again, become a disgrace and the crime capital of Australia thanks to a hard leftist, union run labor government, who have infiltrated vicpol and politicised our law enforcement arm as well as the judiciary. We need to call out the rats within vicpol who have destroyed our once great group of cops on the beat. The respect for the police here now is as low as it’s ever been and people just do not feel safe any more. It’s that bad. We had an attempted home invasion back in Feb, called the cops and they had no cars to attend. It was at my two daughters townhouse and I was visiting. When the attackers realised we had called the cops they left, but the cop on the phone couldn’t care less. I told him my daughters were scared out of their minds as their had been a spate of robberies, peeping toms and trespassers on the property. The cop told me if my daughters felt unsafe they should move. The cops never showed up. Absolutely disgusting and a bloody disgrace.There was another attempted break in the next night next door where the cops again didn’t attend. The cops have totally lost the trust and respect of the community and I now despise the police. The whole lot need to be thrown out and shamed for what they have done to this state. I hate living here now, but I have my kids and my business here. It’s turned into a bad B grade horror cop movie. Matthew Guy is a nice bloke but he hasn’t the guts or determination to step up to be a strong leader. We need another Kennett. A pox on the ALP, a pox on the bloody unions and a pox on vicpol. You bastards have destroyed a good place for your damn ideology. I hope you all get the karma you deserve. Bastards.


Andrews has the most breathtakingly pathetic excuse for a government in the history of Australia!

Wayne shaft

Please mr Numbers free yourself from the FAKE Matrix Media ! Your Very own Brain is out There !👽👽👽👻


The maggots of multiculturalism had to backtrack on this issue because it was so obvious they were lying through their teeth and that they were in the wrong. You can't have a first world country with a third world population. Another 10 years of multiculturalism and Australians will be a minority in their own country.


Are you intentionally off topic Numbers, or just displaying your usual " Varsity edumacation " ?


Maybe it is time to think about selling up your assets in "the worlds most liveable city" and moving interstate. If you did you would n't be on your own.


Here's the legal system at work SJW "judges" protecting perps' rights ahead of victims and the wider community. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

"A young South Sudanese man jailed for violent offending won a reprieve from deportation to his homeland because authorities failed to consider the impact on his family and his mental health problems.

The 25-year-man, whose identity is redacted, was jailed in 2012 for armed robbery and other offences that a sentencing judge described as "dangerous, frightening and extremely violent".

But in a ruling made last month, a Federal Court judge gave the 25-year-old South Sudanese man a reprieve by ruling that the Administrative Appeals Tribunal had not considered the impact a possible deportation would have on his younger siblings and his nieces and nephews, who are all children. [Comment: How could the deportation of this violent thug not be a good thing for his child relatives who certainly don't need him around to abuse them or act as a bad role model.]

Justice Debra Mortimer ruled there were doubts over whether deportation was in the best interests of the man's young relatives. The man also requires treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Justice Mortimer said the tribunal's failure to consider those factors deprived the man of the possibility of a successful review of the government's original deportation decision. She ordered that the case be reviewed again.

Meanwhile, an analysis of the sentences imposed on some of the young Sudanese and South Sudanese men in Victorian courts last year showed almost all were repeat offenders.

The analysis of the cases of a dozen men aged between 18 and 25 found all but two had prior criminal convictions before they were sentenced for offences including armed robbery, aggravated burglary, intentionally causing serious injury, theft and affray. Their sentences ranged from four years in prison to community corrections orders."


Another white woman finds out too late just how cool it really is to have a black boyfriend. Stupid mudshark.

Old 2RAR Digger

What a terrible story you have related to us. Shameful reaction from coppers.


It's called cognitive dissonance, happens to lefties everyday.

Wayne shaft

Maybe a relatively small number at the moment , bit dey be Big an Black and sometimes dey even carry dem Machetes Sword Fings !! 👩🏿‍🌾👩🏿‍🌾👩🏿‍🌾💂🏿‍♀️💂🏿‍♀️💂🏿‍♀️ Hammers 🔨 Too !😳😳😯


We need Jeff Kennett back at the helm. Unfortunately the Hawthorn Football Club go in first.


The Andrews/CMFEU Government is a bloody disgrace. Also the leadership of the Victorian police is a bloody disgrace too. As a Victorian resident, I've had enough of this rotten Labor/CMFEU Government, they must go NOW!. One of my new year's wishes is to see the Daniel Andrews government be defeated in this year's state election, these bastards must be stopped from running this state once & for all. Also I hope that if Matthew Guy & the Coalition party win government that they clean out the current leadership of the Victorian police force. I have absolutely no confidence in the current leadership of the Victorian police force.

Wayne shaft

Deze Gangs they be like totally FIXATED on destroying property and hurting innocent 😇 People !!👩🏿‍🌾👩🏿‍🌾👩🏿‍🌾 piss weak Gov . Needs to FIXATE Dey Asses !!👩🏿‍🌾

Michelle Two

Look Peter Dutton is already in his new portfolio - so the "Chairman Reformer" has already made the changes in security now George is going the way of Alexander Downer they must of had to keep this position in the same hands..

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has said Victorian residents are too frightened to leave their homes to go out for dinner, as the state grapples with an African street gang problem.

Mr Dutton said the Victorian Government had been caught “flat-footed” by an outbreak of gang violence over December, and that residents have lost their sense of public safety.

“People don’t see this in NSW, in Queensland, but the reality is people are scared to go out at restaurants of a night time because they’re followed home by these gangs, home invasions, and cars are stolen,” Mr Dutton told Sydney radio station 2GB on Wednesday.

Michelle Two

Makes you wonder why we pay these politicians if all they are worried about is what they are going to drink out of at the next meeting, it makes no difference in what the 'kool aid' is served in as the bullshit will still be the same..

Maybe they can carry a refillable drinking bottle with them, I do every day I go to work in this hot weather I have a couple I just purchased a few bottle that are like flasks and very impressed that they still have ice in it that I put in at the club from work the next day so it stays cold for 12 to 24 hrs without refrigeration. That may mean taking responsibility for themselves and their needs which may be beyond their capabilities..
Hotels, community halls and RSLs around the country can expect to see more water jugs and fewer plastic bottles when they play host to politicians after Greens senator Peter Whish-­Wilson took issue with the environmentally unfriendly way of staying hydrated.

Glasses and water jugs are commonly used at Senate hearings in Parliament House but Senator Whish-Wilson noted plastic bottles were sometimes the favoured drinking instrument when committees hit the road to investigate key matters of policy or government administration.

“We have glass in front of us here,” he said at a budget estimates hearing in October. “But when we go to various hotels around the country for Senate hearings — and there are thousands of meetings — has there been any discussion about having a unified or coded process to ask them to also provide glass rather than plastic bottles?”

The question was taken on ­notice by the Department of the Senate, which revealed it would update its “checklist” for parliamentary hearings to preference the use of waterglasses and jugs.

Michelle Two

We are one big social engineering "Rat Lab" only the rats are in control at least in their minds they are, when put into practice in reality things may not go as planned to bring in the New World Order one state at a time (that is one or two states in each nation with an agenda for the globalists to work on)..
The federal government is seeking philanthropic support for a number of its initiatives. In addition to seeking support to advance the implementation of the recommendations of the Presidential Taskforce, the White House recently launched the Policing Data Initiative to explore how best to use data and technology to build trust, voice, and solutions to improve community policing. The Department of Justice recently selected the first six cities to host pilot sites for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, which was launched last fall to help repair and strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve by exploring strategies intended to enhance procedural justice, reduce implicit bias, and support racial reconciliation.

We are gaining a better understanding of these efforts in order to determine how best USP can use this moment to create a national movement. We have already had a set of preliminary conversations with about a dozen key stakeholders and will undertake a field scan to map the areas of work currently underway to advance police reform, including an assessment of the redundancies and gaps in work, and opportunities for collaboration. As we proceed, we will engage the funder network we helped to establish, the Executive Alliance on Men and Boys of Color, which now includes forty foundations.

The document also identifies reducing incarceration rates as another goal of police reform:

The police killings of African-American men in Ferguson, Staten Island, most recently in North Charleston, Baltimore, and many other American cities, highlight that reform of policing policy and practice must be integral to our criminal justice agenda. Notably, while such reform activities are inextricably linked with our concerns about racial justice and equity, in particular about advancing opportunity for boys and men of color, they are also critically related to our goal of reducing incarceration, given the role that police practices play in bringing people into the justice system.

Nearly 300 men born in Sudan or South Sudan were arrested in the last financial year, according to Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency. In raw numbers, it is a small cohort when compared with the 18,770 Australian-born and 658 New Zealanders arrested by police. But compared with 2016 population data, Sudanese or South ­Sudanese-born people are 6.135 times more likely to be arrested than anyone born here.

Victoria Police’s handling of the law and order crisis has sparked a backlash from some Melbourne residents. There was a furore when no ­arrests were made after a brawl ­between youths in St Kilda this month. Only one ­arrest was made from an out-of-control Airbnb party in Werribee where youths attacked police with rocks.
Analysis by The Weekend Australian reveals that of the 17 offenders of Sudanese, South Sudanese or Kenyan descent who were sentenced in Victorian county courts in the past year, only two were given sentences above the average for the crime. In one case, despite the offender having 15 prior convictions, he was fined $100 and given a 188-day sentence after being charged with a theft and an affray that involved him stealing a 30cm knife and using it to stab another man in the leg in a brawl.

Police Association Victoria secretary Wayne Gatt said the state judiciary has frustrated its police officer members because of its “propensity to hand out sentences for violent crimes that fall short of community expectations”.

Michelle Two

When the enemy is within the consequences will show in how you will defend yourself, the white anting and rot has set in and also the selling out from under us our resources we would run out of fuel reserves, and ammo said Jim Molan but he also mentions the USA so 8 yrs of Obama and Gillard have both had consequences when it comes to being able to defend and protect the National interest, sounds like it was all going smoothly to the globalist NWO plan..
Won't Pyne and Co be ready in 50 yrs time with some new submarines or something if the power stays on in SA that is to build them.. a bit of backward planning does wonders to disable the armed forces for those fella's and females that signed up to serve for our freedoms under the Aussie/British flags as we are still under the Commonwealth so will fight to defend it.. I wonder how the British Forces are stacking up or if they also have been whiteanted by the Marxists on parade..
A different kind of war is now raging and it is for freedom of thought, conscience and peace to live your own nations culture so the enemy is within the borders.. I call it a darkforce that preaches peace but then causes all the divide and identity politics in order to conquer and take over the sovereignty of all nations.. So a borderless war we are in this time, guns and violence may not be involved as you fight to express your self and let your true soul shine in what ever you believe in..
The most senior military commander in half a century to enter the national parliament, retired general Jim Molan, believes America’s armed forces are too weak to guarantee Australia’s ­security.

Writing in The Australian today, the incoming Liberal senator also warns that the Australian Defence Force could be rendered “impotent” within a week by the absence of fuel and missile stocks.

Senator-designate Molan, who takes his seat in the upper house next month replacing disqualified former Nationals’ deputy leader Fiona Nash, questions whether the government’s plan to increase defence spending to 2 per cent of GDP by 2021 will bridge the gap left by waning US military power.

“If 2 per cent was an appropriate level of defence spending for Australia when America dominated the world, the question I have is whether that same level of defence spending is appropriate now when American power itself has relatively declined,” he said in an interview.

Although the ADF was the best it had been since the end of the Vietnam War four decades ago, Senator Molan cautions that Australia should no longer assume that America could or would help in a military crisis, as it did when the Japanese threatened to invade in 1942.

Michelle Two

Albo wants to put his two cents worth in.. (he looks like he has aged in a year that is what playing politics will do to you, the stress lines and grey hair start to show)..
I think it funny when one politician tells another to stop playing politics when it was their chosen career and vocation to do just that..they can't exactly turn that tap off as they live it, breathe it and that is all their mind is capable of thinking up the next strategic move to advance themselves or their political views on policy..
Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese has accused Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton of “playing politics” with serious issues, after Mr Dutton told a Sydney radio station Melburnians were scared to go to restaurants at night due to fears of street gang violence.

However, Mr Albanese conceded a “disproportionate number” of African youth as a percentage of the population had been engaged in committing crime in Victoria.

He said he had been in Melbourne last night, and did not notice any reluctance of people on the streets to go out.

“This morning I haven’t seen reluctance when travelling to and from meetings here in the CBD as well,” Mr Albanese said.

“I think Peter Dutton has a serious office as the Minister for Home Affairs, and he needs to treat that great honour with the dignity and with the respect and gravitas that it deserves.

Michelle Two

Albo is in Melbourne with the infrastructure begging bowl out, the trouble with socialist governments is they run out of other peoples money, when they waste a billion cancelling contracts they should learn to manage the money they do receive, Turnbull did give them a cash infrastructure boost after the cancellation of that contract as that money that Turnbull gave was being held back by Abbott because it wasn't going to be used in the proper manner..
The other Socialist state (SA) has also got Albo with the begging bowl to influence the feds for more of our money..
Lucky those in regional centres are used to dodging potholes and have 4wd to soften the blow.. Our roads aren't too bad at the moment but in the flooding two years ago the side of the road collapsed going to Adelong that only just got repair in Dec so two years that road was blocked off and unusable they had a permanent stop and go trailer at both sides of the road to control the traffic as it was dangerous only having half a road..
NSW gets about five times as much federal infrastructure funding as Victoria and Labor says it's not fair and needs to change.

Labor's infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese says Victoria receives just 9.7 per cent of federal funding despite being the country's fastest growing state.

"You'd expect if you've 25 per cent of the population, you'd be receiving one-in-four of the commonwealth infrastructure dollars," Mr Albanese told reporters in Melbourne on Thursday.

"We've seen a massive decline in support for infrastructure projects here in Victoria ... from $201 per Victorian from the federal government down to $92."

He said NSW was eating up more than 45 per cent of the infrastructure budget, primarily for Sydney-based projects.

"That's not fair and that's not a government that is representing the needs of all Australians," Mr Albanese said.

This unfair distribution had forced the Labor Andrews government to "go it alone" on Melbourne's $11 billion Metro Tunnel project.

Mr Albanese added South Australia's Labor government was also suffering from a "massive" infrastructure funding bias, with the state set to receive $95 million for projects in four years' time, down from $921 million this year.

Michelle Two

Seriously this Judge is a bit ignorant he is in a country town that is not Melbourne or its suburbs and nothing like it..
I would feel safe dining out in Mansfield I used to live their for about 10 yrs, Melbourne would be another story and it doesn't have to be at night when you are attacked it is when the thugs get out of bed so any time of the day they can terrorize the neighbourhood..
Judges must live in a sheltered environmen as well in the high end of town, they may deal with crims and crooks but not live amid them as the population does that are scared of being attacked, if the gangs can think nothing of attacking the front line of the law the police what hope do they have against having a mindset of attacking the average man on the street.. they don't care for human life or limb one way or another and probably think it is an award of your toughness if you do go for the kill in attacking a policemen it may win you a bit of hierarchy within the gang situation so you are not picked on, and it may be a part of the initiation as they watch the youtubes of those from around the nations espeicially those in their hometown and associate themselves with the same victim status in society so fight the enemy of the state being the Police and the law. so they are getting the wrong messages with the light sentences and no consequences being dealt when they disrespect the property and life and limb of other humans.. as they know they can get away with it and be fed on welfare and the crime is just an aside to having cash or goods that they would not have to declare, but also because of being treated like victims they don't have to have responsibilities because the state has decided to look after them and protect the agenda of the state at the same time..
This is the divide and conquer strategies that start the civil wars when souls start to take the law in their own hands as the law makers aren't doing the job and the world becomes a place of tribes, it is so well orchestrated the agenda of the darkforce it happens before your eyes as you watch how they break down the society..
Victorian Supreme Court judge Lex Lasry has mocked Peter ­Dutton’s claim that Melbourne’s gang violence had made residents too scared to go out at night, sparking a rebuke from the Home Affairs Minister.

After Mr Dutton made the comments on Sydney radio on Wednesday, Justice Lasry slammed the comments as ill-­informed, and ridiculed the minister on Twitter. “Breaking: there are citizens out to dinner in Mansfield tonight and they’re not worried,” he tweeted on Wednesday evening, referring to the Victorian alpine town he regularly visits.

Mr Dutton hit back, saying “I hope His Honour had time between courses to spare a thought for the young police officer ­assaulted by a gang member last week”, in a reference to a police ­officer allegedly attacked during an arrest on Boxing Day.

While senior Labor MP Anthony Albanese attacked Mr Dutton yesterday for playing politics over the Melbourne gang issue, some residents of Mansfield were not impressed that their town was drawn into the controversy.

Sioux Hardiman and her daughter Sam, 16, said it was unfair to compare Melbourne with the country town, as they finished up dinner and enjoyed a stroll through the park. “You can’t compare them at all. You have 12,000 ratepayers in Mansfield but you can’t compare it to Melbourne — look at the amount of people there, the unemployment and all that,” Ms Hardiman said.

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