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Victoria's get-out-of-jail-free cards available to favoured "sons" via the Anti-ahem-Corruption Commission

Victoria's anti and/or pro corruption commission deflects report involving John Cain Jr, the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions




One of our readers recently reported John Cain Jr and others to Victoria's purported anti-corruption body after Cain's Office of the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions declined to authorise prosecutions in The AWU Scandal.

Here is his complaint.

The matter involves
the current Victorian Solicitor for Public Prosecutions John Cain Jr,
a current Federal Court Judge Bernard Murphy,
the former President of Victoria􀍛s parliamentary upper house Robert Frederick Smith and
Bruce Wilson, the then de-facto partner of former prime minister Julia Gillard
These 4 men acted together to steal $160,000 from the Australian Workers Union. They did it to cover up payments
of secret commissions to Wilson, especially through the AWU Workplace Reform Association (the slush fund set up
by Gillard).
When conduct occurred: From December 1994 to July 1995
Conduct occurred more than 12 months ago? Yes
Reason for delay:
I didn't know about it.
Suburb conduct occurred: Melbourne Victoria
Location conduct occurred: Union offices, banks and solicitors offices.
John Cain Jr is responsible for the prosecutorial body which has declined to bring charges in the matter of The AWU Scandal.
IBAC clearly has jurisdiction to investigate complaints against him.
Here is the IBAC's response to our complainant.
Note all reference to the central figure, Victoria's Solicitor for Public Prosecutions John Cain Jr has been removed.
Federal Court Judge Bernard Murphy's name is also helpfully misspelt.
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