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All washed up - Assistant Commissioner Brett "Dean Martin" Guerin stood down

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Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin gets some career advice from his alter-ego Vernon Demerest.

Statement from Victoria Police



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Victorian ‘troll cop’ stood aside over online comments

Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin has been stood aside over ‘crude’ comments. Picture: News Corp.
Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin has been stood aside over ‘crude’ comments. Picture: News Corp.

A Victoria Police assistant commissioner has been stood aside from his role as the head of Professional Standards over a series of “crude” online comments.

Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin has been referred to the state’s anti-corruption commission, IBAC, over the posts which criticised former chief commissioner Kel Glare and referred in vulgar terms to a Supreme Court case between former Police Association boss Paul Mullett and former chief commissioner Christine Nixon.

Police spokeswoman Natalie Webster said chief commissioner Graham Ashton had referred the allegations against Mr Guerin to the independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.

“Whilst the matter is being assessed, the Chief Commissioner has directed AC Guerin to step aside from his role as the Assistant Commissioner for Professional Standards and take leave,” she said.

Using an online profile of “Vernon Demerest” Mr Guerin posted on the website of Sydney shock jock Mike Smith according to The Age.

“She (Ms Nixon) bent the Mulletmeister over and slipped a rather large schlong up his date courtesy of the Supreme Court’s decision this morning,” he wrote in August 2016.

He later wrote Ms Nixon had “gutted” Mr Mullett and “stuffed a nice prawn up his filleted asshole”.

Mr Guerin yesterday told 3AW he was embarrassed about his posts.

“This has burnt me,” he said.

“This has been a big learning experience for me. Which is what we want our members to do, we want our members if they make mistakes to own up and make amends so they get better.”

Smith wrote to Mr Guerin in 2016 to complain about management of correspondence regarding the AWU with top cop Graham Ashton, according to a post on Smith’s website this week.

Smith claims Mr Guerin posted a comment as Demerest in response to Smith’s online publishing of the issue.

“Given this whole thing is a politically-driven stunt, I can see why the police would want to put investigating things like rapes, assaults, robberies and other serious crimes which actually impact on real people on a higher level than crap such as this,” the comment read.

The Age reported Mr Guerin last year asked state opposition leader Matthew Guy to name a repeat murderer who did not serve jail time under the Andrews government.