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Barnaby Joyce's letter to Gina Rinehart's daughter Hope - on family, mobile phone cameras and evil lawyers

This letter became public during litigation between Hope and her mother Gina Rinehart.

I published it back then for the same reason I'm publishing it again today - bits and pieces of the letter are quoted in the press, out of context and generally to suit an agenda.   That does no one any favours.

It's a beautiful letter and I think it's worth reading in full.

I've known Barnaby and Nat for more than a decade now.   I didn't know about the barney between Barnaby and his family over Nat and the wedding until I read this letter. No one knows what burdens and internal scar tissue others carry, nor the effects those wounds will have when they finally break through to the surface.

Knowing Nat, one thing is certain in my mind - it's Barnaby's side of the church that was the big loser 25 years ago.

Never would I have imagined they (we) would get to this.

God bless you Nat, Barnaby and the girls.

You might find some insights into yourself if you click on the link to see how you and other readers felt about Barnaby back in May 2015.



This is the heartfelt letter from Barnaby Joyce to Hope Rinehart

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This is the letter everyone is getting outraged about with Barnaby Joyce getting involved in the Rinehart case. 
It’s heartfelt from a man who was trying to stop someone making the same mistake he made. 
Amazing how it’s being twisted.   God Bless you Barnaby and Nat.
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