Trumps & Turnbulls - presumably snapped after getting to know each other
Ralph Blewitt, the only defendant in The AWU Scandal to enter a plea this Wednesday. Guilty or not guilty?

Ben Fordham was filleting the anti-Trump essay "Fire and Fury" creative writer & bulltish artist Michael Wolff when..........

Michael Wolff is a polished top-tier bulltisher.

It takes effort to remove sufficient moral fibre to permit a man to utter lies like Wolff's today.

Wolff's hands and unblinking gaze are a study in dissembling while the techy-guy listens to the audio Wolff says he can't hear.

And just in case you read The Guardian or get your news from CNN, Channel Nine has been good enough to reproduce this video showing the audio in Wolff's ears.

Great stuff Ben and Channel Nine!